Blizzard is making everyone an Elf before giving us Real Quel'dorei

  1. They refused to Mana Tap living creatures

  2. They did NOT engage in Fel Magic

  3. They have a close bond with Humans and the Human Kingdoms

^^ Those create an already sizeable cultural difference. But it gets bigger:

  • Most High Elves that exist as High Elves, have a society that is more in line with Night Elves, then their original society. As the VAST number of High Elves who remained, are essentially Farstriders, and people who preferred Nature, or military measures.

  • While High Elven magisters and sorcerers still existed, they were not near as numerous as their more martial friends.

From a Visual aspect, they retain thier Blue/Silver and Blue/Gold color schemes.

BUT they also have Unicorns as their mounts, where as Blood Elves have Hawkstriders. The game’s first Unicorn, the Quel’dorei Steed is a reward from the Argent Tournament. Also we know that Unicorns were bred and kept as mounts for elite members of High Elven society before the scourge attack. So them keeping with the Unicorn vibe as opposed to Hawkstriders, does help set them apart.

  • An important thing to note, is that the current High Elves, are the ones who taught magic to the humans. When Quel’thelas called it’s people back. These Elves refused to turn thier backs on thier former allies, when they needed thier help.

Which effectively can translate too, instead of returning to thier home and their people, they broke off to live with, and work with, the humans they formed close bonds with on the battlefield or otherwise.

Of course there are some who would leave Silvermoon, and re-join the Alliance aligned High Elves, because they didn’t like that Silvermoon allied with Trolls, Orcs and the Undead. But overall these are a smaller number.

And a distinction is that Blood Elves on the other hand, changed thier name to honor thier fallen people, and they stuck together.

It’s also in part while Elisande bashes the High Elves, because most of them are breeding themselves out, since they live among the humans, and love them so much. Where as Blood Elves don’t really have cross species relations, until Lor’themar x Thalyssra.

So like, they do have a lot of cultural, and political differences. So it would be like saying the US and Canada or the US and the UK are the exact same, when they’re not.

I don’t think anyone that argues High Elves are different, actually means that they are a different race. When they’re not. The new subspecies doesn’t happen until you get to Void Elves.


I just want more hairstyles for void elves



What a troll response. I know you’re not dense enough to believe that High Elves are not considered a WoW Elf type and faction ie: tribe.

Also, with Midnight being in Quel’thelas, it’s obvious that the focus is Blood Elf, High Elf, and Void Elf. With Nightborne taking the next seat, and probably having a tiny bit of Night Elf in there too.

Instead if you wanted to pull out a burn, you should’ve mentioned that The only High Elven city, literally gets killed off. Meaning Varessa, and what ever High Elves are in Stormwind, are the only remaining High Elves for the most part. As Varessa’s kids are Half Elves. Like Blizz is going super hard into killing even more High Elves off, because they’re tired of the crowd that can’t accept Void Elves having human hair and skin is good enough for that fantasy.

Prove it.
Where’s your source.

That’s right, sorry - You’re still wrong. :smiley:
Because you can’t — can you? :joy:

Average Ogre enjoyer cries in the corner


Where is your source, that High Elves are not an Elven tribe, and are not relevant to the Sunwell?

like come on now, try better if you’re gonna troll

When was the last time we got Ogre anything? Was it WoD?

At least Midnight is Blood/High/Void Elf. Instead of just even more Night Elf stuff.

But yeah, it wouldn’t hurt them to sprinkle in more races even as little side stories.

Source towards what?
The Blood Elves quite literally being High Elves?

Well buddy, you should’ve probably scrolled up before commenting the request lol

I’ve already posted my sources! :smiley:

If however, your argument is to “Post your source that X thing isn’t in Y new thing!” well uh, that’s not how information works. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You post sources to declare new or revealing information.
… You don’t post ‘Sources’ for the stating of details not yet released. The fact you can’t post a clear, official source — Ironically, is in fact my source to that. lol

“Congratulations! You played yourself.”

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egads if they kill off veressa and her kids, the forums will erupt with celebration. this place will descend into the same kind of glee we saw when sylvannas burnt the tree.

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Calling Blood Elves High Elves. Are deadnaming them essentially. You’ve played yourself.

They are different political factions. Like Stormwind Humans versus Gilnean Humans. But you’d know that if knew any lore.

You’re a hypocrite with this statement.

The official source, is that the story is about uniting the Elven Tribes to save the Sunwell.

It is confirmed that ALL Elves who have a relevancy to the Sunwell would be there.

So where is your source saying that the High Elves, are in fact, not tied to the Sunwell at all?

everybody knows that. its like you’re pointing at a blue sky and declaring its blue, when literally no one is saying it isnt blue.



OMG, I swear the fragility of the people on these forums, to clamor on that High Elves, the political faction don’t exist is wild.

It’s almost like they’ve been present in almost every single faction. Including BfA

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Ok, I’m making a Prediction.

The Remaining High ‘Does Doctor Evil Finger Quotes.’ Elves are going to either defect to the Blood Elves, Become Void Elves, or both.

Based on Warthin Stuff. They mostly die out. Aside from some civilians in SW. Most High Elf looking ppl going forward, will likely be Void Elves like Alleria, or Blood Elves who have regained thier blue eyes thanks to the Sunwell. That’s subject to change, but as of now, they’ve effectively reduced the High Elf population even in the lore to a cinder, that has merged with the Void Elves.

No, they’re not.
They’re both from the same locations. Same heritage. Same bloodlines.
Blood Elves named themselves ‘Blood Elves’ to honour the fallen. Those who remained ‘High Elves’ chose not to embrace the name & were exiled.

“We must put this misery behind us. We must enter a new chapter! And so I say to you that, as of this day, we are no longer high elves! In honor of the blood that was shed throughout this kingdom, in honor of the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, our parents, and our children, in honor of Anasterian… as of this day we will take the name of our royal lineage! As of this day, we are sin’dorei! For Quel’Thalas!” – Kael’Thas Sunstrider

… But you’d have known that if you actually knew any lore.
Awkward :eyes:

I never said High Elves aren’t tied to the Sunwell.
— But the High Elves are a miniscule cluster of Elves, scattered. They can hardly be considered a culture, let alone a tribe.

You’re stomping around stating its a ‘Confirmed Fact’ that the Quel’Dorei as a whole are a singular ‘Tribe’ though … which is a fallacy statement at best.


There may be a tribe that are derived of Quel’Dorei elves otherwise known as ‘High Elves’ - but that’s their proclaimed racial name — Not a tribal one.

  • Alternatively the tribes could be settlements throughout Quel’Thalas and isles surrounding the Eversong Woods + Ghostlands we haven’t ventured to yet.
  • For all we know, the tribes could be comprised of BOTH Blood Elves and High Elves & have nothing to do with the Silver Covenant or the politics of the Horde.

You’re all acting like “Unification of Elven Tribes” equals towards: “HIGH ELVES IS A TRIBE. HIGH ELVES ARE GETTING QUEL’THALAS BACK. THAT MEANS HIGH ELVES FOR ALLIANCE ONLY.” — without further context or material to the statement made @ Blizzcon. lol

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ion is gonna kill off the dalaran high elves and the silver covenant. hes been removing them in various incidents, such as the contingent at theramore who served as jaina’s entourage, mana bombed by garrosh. the farstriders in eastern plaguelands were sent an artifact with so much magic in it, it immediately turned them all into wretched and then a quest was made for both alliance and horde to kill their wretched forms. the isle of thunder invasion, all the high elves in the strike force, except the player and veressa, are shot out of the sky. its down to one outpost in northrend and a lodge in hinterlands, once dalaran is hit. he’s like the lich king 2.0

High elves already are playable, you don’t deserve more.

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alliance high elves? hes hurry up and kill them atm.

You do realize that the US was formed by ppl of the UK, and they came from the area, with a lot of them sharing a blood line. Yet they’ve developed vastly different cultures and politics, right?

You literally proved my point:

They revoked the name High Elf, to become a Blood Elven people. To honor thier people and thier heritage.

While the current High Elves, said F-that, and they stayed with the humans.

Which you’d know if you had critical thinking.

It’s not a fallacy, when WoW recognizes them as such in Wrath and Legion.

You do realize a Tribe can literally consist of a few hundred people right…Like there are several HIGH MOUNTAIN TRIBES, that are tribes of thier own.

First off, you’re not very literate.

I NEVER said any of that. I said they were a Tribe, that they’d be there, and it was trolling to act like in the lore. It’s not made clear that they are different from Blood Elves as a people and faction at this point.

Despite their biological same-ness.

I even pointed out how stupid it is, to think that High Elves are taking the city, and that I don’t want a High Elf AR. Becasue Void Elves already fit that fantasy with thier skin and hair colors.

Like you’ve single handedly proved that you don’t know anything, and you’re just spitting wind out of your mouth.

Again though


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i made the same argument to him. he doesnt care. hes just bickerimg for fun


The actual high elf name tag and the ability to change our racials(but remain functionally the same) to arcane themed ones.

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