Blizzard is making everyone an Elf before giving us Real Quel'dorei

It’s hilarious and sad.

Just give us what we have been asking for since beta.


they gave us quel’dorei in burning crusade


Those are Sin’dorei.

The inferior elves.


They’re not giving it to you


Midnight hasn’t happened yet, and they’re listed as one of the Major Elven Tribes.

It will be our time.

And we’re taking our city back from you.


I will never be an elf. I’m happy as a space goat.


You’ll soon have Elf Ear options.

But the doomsday clock is edging closer.

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It’s the same thing as saying that we were given darkspear trolls and not jungle trolls


Helf don’t have a cohesive culture or political standing anymore. They haven’t since they scattered after nearly being wiped out. The small army of Silver Covenant doesn’t even hold the same values. They just fight together sometimes.

There is no “tribe.”

People need to move past this. Most Helfs became Belfs, which was a political stand to change the name. The rest of the Helfs scattered. Some Belfs became Velfs. That’s it, that’s all.

You’ll take your creepy pointed eared Kul Tiran and like it. lol


We’re sin’dorei, not quel’dorei. Very notably different


We’ve been asking for ogres, vrykul, tuskarr, gnolls, centaurs, dryads/KotG and forest trolls since beta, not HElves


Very notably not that different. They just changed their name. That’s all.


They’re the same people. If you want to RP as a high elf that didn’t stay in Quel’Thalas through their name change…just roll a void elf.


they literally changed their name just for symbolism after the arthas massacre, literally for pure symbolism

and they stayed and fought for it, some cowards fled to dalaran to suck magic from their artifacts and wouldn’t accept the name change

literally high-blood elves


Quel’dorei are traitors. If you want a bar fight you can go and call a proud, proper sin’dorei that they’re actually a foul, disgusting quel’dorei, but it won’t end well for you. About roughly the same as if you called a Zandalari an elf or a NElf a troll.

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I seem to recall there’s an NPC in Terokkar who is quite indignant about informing the player they are a high elf, not blood elf. Though that might be more a matter of making it clear she is affiliated with neither the Horde nor Kael’thas, especially since she’s in an Alliance base.


Pretty sure the Quel’dorei were diminished greatly, after so many died in the Third War, the remaining joined/became Blood Elves. There’s a very tiny number of actual High Elves left. Don’t get me wrong, I like the High Elves though it seems like lore-wise they were not meant to come back.

Well that’s not true. They were exiled. And it wasn’t because they didnt accept the name change. It’s because they didnt want to siphon magic from living things and Lor’themar thought it would be easier to lead them without this massive division among the people. They then kept calling themselves high elves when quel’thalas alligned with the horde. To distinguish themselves from them, and make it clear they weren’t part of the horde.

The elf lore is so much fun to discuss and speculate on. So much blurring in divisions and loyalties. It’s great.

instead of asking for the same race but in another faction, yall can just admit ‘‘i want to play as blood elf in the alliance, make them neutral please’’ if thats the problem.


Politically speaking it’s more interesting for sure. When it’s two different races it’s easy to boil it down to racism, but when it’s a “racial civil war” so to speak it can be any number of things. Classism, opposing ideologies, good old fashioned greed…

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