Blizzard is making everyone an Elf before giving us Real Quel'dorei


I play a romulan in Star Trek online actually. Hella fun

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Sorry, still wrong.

The Quel’dorei are their own elven tribe for midnight.

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gives blood elves blue eyes and void elves pale skin and blue eyes

uhh actually REAL high elves havent been attempted yet

apparently not. lore is that there were no high elves in dalaran as garithos wouldve sent them to their deaths too. he didnt like some elves, he hated them all and was racist to dwarves and gnomes, too. not a nice guy.

Please, by all means: explain these “vast” differences.

Where are my elf ears, I want to play too! :sob:

Too fluffy. Sorry.

I would really appreciate someone explaining to me just what is the desire and fascination for a high elf at this point.

I have read the lore and played all the Warcraft games so I know that high elf existed and were members of the alliance at one point so I get the player base wanting an Alliance version of the elf and the horde’s blood elf not filling the need. However the faction war is all but gone so what is the fascination?

They would just be a minor variation to the current two elf models (void elf and blood elf). What are you looking for that will set them apart? A new eye color or facial tattoo.?

Basically I want someone to explain what will make the Hign elf stand out from the rest

To be fair they are Gnomes

And suddenly the Garrosh fanbois look like the stable ones.

Still waiting on that source.

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what does this mean?

Gnomes are kinda gross stuff

ohh lol

they are already on the alliance. the alliance has two of the three windrunner sisters, alleria who is leader of the void elves and veressa who is leader of the silver covenant. the silver covenant is composed of high elves and has been on the alliance since wrath and before that also, as citizens of dalaran for 2000 years

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Meanwhile, Forsaken are still waiting for an upright standing option…which we have asked for since vanilla.


Ya got high elves.

They’re belves and velves.

We don’t need any more damned elves.

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Personally love killing elves.

However, my nemesis quests have pretty much stalled since there’s no gnomes, worgens, dwarves or space goats to be found.

Just elves and humans.

Same. I would not roll an elf in WARTHIN too but I am tempted to play as the proto elf troll missing link if they become playable!!!