Blizzard is making everyone an Elf before giving us Real Quel'dorei

Would be even cooler if the request themselves faded away in the sun like driftwood and floated away over the horizon.

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aww but i like it here

Real Quel’dorei?

everyone must bow down to their new elven overlords.


Say that to my face again traitor.

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You have Night, Blood, Gold, High, Void, and Undead Elves. What more do you want?

Nah that’s a Caucasian orc not a pointy eared kul tiran xD. I swear I saw that and thought “who hit an orc with the whitewash stick?”

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In-lore that would be cause for another faction war.

I don’t see that happening again in the near future.

Unless you want to try and take the city WITHOUT Alliance support. In which case, I wish all 200 high elves remaining in lore luck.


Aren’t void elves exiled Sin’dorei who …renamed themselves after personal loss? Why yes, yes they are…how curious!

You’re not being made an elf, bro, you’re getting pointy ears. It’s really not that deep. You just want something to complain about because Blizzard isn’t listening to you.

If they gave everyone what they wanted in this game, it would be a bigger mess than it already is.

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We might get bat elves. That sounds cool.

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Congrats! They already exist. Just changed their name.

You already got pale skin and blue eyes, what else do you helfers want?


All im reading here is we are getting Vulcans, and in 2 months people are gonna be like “Why can’t we get playable Romulans!” and “Surak’s teachings were wrong thats why theres the divide!

Blood Elves and High Elves are vastly different. People like you just come off as gaslighty.

You can very easily say, that you think it would be weird or dumb to give High Elves to alliance. When Blood Elves exist. Espeacially with their new blue eye options.

But saying what you say, you come off as if you don’t know the lore, and you want to Troll.


It will never be the High Elves time. I hate to break it to you, but canonically there are THREE cities that have a good High Elf population.

  1. Theramore
  2. Dalaran - The Silver Covenant, the largest faction of them is based here
  3. Stormwind

And with WW, two of those are know fully destroyed.

So with High Elf options being added to Void Elves and Blood Elves, and that info. Proper High Elves are not coming.

IF ANYTHING. Midnight will give us Naga or some kind. Since it’s highly requested. Or they’ll give us the new Bugbear people, if they turn out to be actual Elves in origin.

Silvermoon is likely to be a Neutral Hub for midnight, yes.

But if anything took Silvermoon from the Blood Elves. It would be the Void and Void Elves, not High Elves.

So like, why not focus your energy in getting some cool hair styles for your void elf, or an EE toggle?

They look like DnD Bugbears. Which should take some heat off of the anti-elf crowd if they’re not actually tied to Elves. So I hope that’s the case.

But I desperately need 5 of thier men for my characters. Espeacailly with thier fairy like outfits.

It wouldn’t be whitewashing. Orcs have melanin, so they could easily look “white”

Blizzard made the mistake of using a political name as a racial name, and it confused all the “No-think Nancies”. Blood Elf, High Elf, and Void Elf are purely political/philosophical names. They’re all the same race. Kael’thas’ group of elves were members of the Alliance and known as High Elves, until Grand Marshal Garithos did a racism and left them to fend for themselves against the undead horde. When he found out Kael’thas utilized Lady Vashj’s assistance so they wouldn’t, you know, die, he arrested them.

Kael’thas renamed the High Elves to Blood Elves after escaping the prison. Any elves remaining that kept calling themselves High Elves, were cowards that hid in Dalaran and didn’t protect their homeland from the Scourge invasion.

So, they’re all the same race, just called different things because of the racism of the Alliance.

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Still waiting on your source for this. Because I sure can’t find it anywhere.

Everyone know the real Elves are just Trolls smh my head

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Shut. Up. Elf. NERDS!

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Bahaha I’d love to see that