Blizzard, don't listen

You know when someone is having relationship problems and they reach out to that one friend who’s single, and their only advice is to urge you to break up?

Because they’re unhappy. And they want you to be unhappy so they feel better about themself.

That’s what an “I’m quitting” post is. They want other people to realize (or think) they’re unhappy so they feel better.

The Horde spirit is finding the toughest thing present, then fighting it! The Qualashi are 100% correct in this, and are more in line with Horde ideals than we are.

And yes, once we win we take their stuff! The Alliance thing would be, I don’t know. Installing Jaina Proudmore’s Ex-Boyfriend into a position of power, or maybe Anduin Wrynn’s childhood chum. The aspects aren’t our friends.

I have good news for you!


RDF has been the cancer eating at wow from when it was introduced in WotLK. All because Blizz didn’t have the courage to merge depopulated servers.

And thank Slaanesh that they listened or we would be choosing dragonflight covenants and doing our mandatory AP grinds.

This very much likely my last retail expansion. When Classic Cataclysm release I will have to go enjoy the expansion that started it all for me (plus MoP!). Hopefully they continue Classic all the way to at least WoD. After Classic WoD, I’ll hop back on the retail train. Just glad Dragonflight feels really good with classes, healthpools, dmg output/numbers - DF feels LOADS better compared to the last 3 expansions which left me reeling in disgust hardly even playing.

Big thanks for finally putting in equal ilvl PvP gear again. Shame on you still for ruining Legion, BFA, and SL PvP gear, making them worthless expansions for me.

Just finally, equal ilvl PvP gear! Friends have been constantly playing everyday and everyone is envigorated having a great time in PvP :smile:

“You all think you have great ideas or Pokemon games, but if I actually listened to all of you and we combined all of your ideas in a game, it would be an unplayable monstrosity. You want a game with all the regions, but only the first generation Pokemons, yet all the legendary ones and such silly things. Whenever I receive one of these rants, I go to the development floor and read it out loud to all the Game Freak employees in a mocking voice, and we all laugh at you.”
― Satoshi Tajiri


Which Warcraft was that again? There are many iterations of WoW with new implemented ideas in each expansion, or combinations of ideas.

The argument of purity and generalization isn’t convincing me despite my disagreement with “Pay to win,” for lack of better terminology.

A few people on the forums is not “everyone.”

Extreme austerity and fear are often promulgated as a means to “prevent” their “apocalyptic” outcome, despite running head first into it. WoW needs to specialize in what it does best, while being additive to their content to entice new potential players. A business with an aging, volatile community is hard to juggle. WoW’s reputation precedes itself on many facets in major negative and positive ways. The “WoW Apocalypse” is perhaps the most common.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

Honestly getting rid of the alliance vs horde bit would actually do the gane better

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Amen brother.

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OP you are not going to force me to interact with pubs, and your not going to make me pvp with warring factions. No thanks go play classic it exists and is a hit I hear.

Good thing these forums only represent a very, very small percentage of the actual player base.


No. I just want to play with my friends. I don’t care about your childish Playstation vs Xbox arguments.


They don’t have to listen because they have plenty of their own bad ideas. Remember the level squish? The thing that served no purpose and only created issues cause big numbers scary? Ya they don’t need our help.

That’s weird I’m actually good with all those things.
Well maybe LFR for raids should have a rating/ilvl requirement to keep baddies/ragequitters out of the higher difficulties. Don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

no human interaction necessary.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to people who have this take that, I don’t know, maybe some of us don’t want to be FORCED to deal with the toxic people who want to FORCE others to interact with them?

Like…We’re all sorry that you’re having a rough time with the divorce and losing the kids and all but…Maybe you should try talking to a therapist instead of forcing WOW players to listen how you’re doing IRL?

A lot of us are here to unwind and have fun. Not “make new friends” and ask them how they’re doing. If I want to make a new friend or talk to you, it’ll happen organically. Forcing me to do it won’t make either of us happier. I promise you this.

This is the only one on your list I’m actually in support of. The faction divide serves no purpose in PvE other than to artificially barring you from playing with certain players.

If anything this would allow blizz to bring back PvP servers. That way players who actually care about PvP and the faction divide have a place to go. PvP servers allow you to bring back world PvP full time, with no cross faction play allowed at all, while PvE servers get rid the divide entirely. The big question is how does blizz keep those PvP servers balanced.

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Yeah, if they don’t add ducks in the next hotfix, I’m going to /ragequit!

LFR for any difficulty would be an interesting experiment I’d sign up for honestly.

yeah they should listen to the ones being silent and giving zero feedback!