Blizzard, don't listen

The forum is perpetually filled with terrible ideas that get a lot of support, would change WoW fundamentally, and would be irreversible. Blizzard, don’t listen.

The community would have bliz:

  1. do away with the Horde and Alliance entirely
  2. just buy everything you want from the trading post with gold (that you bought with irl cash) instead of doing actual content
  3. an LFR-style system for all content of any difficulty… no human interaction necessary.
  4. great vault rewards for doing virtually nothing

Just here to say I think this community’s ideas are trash. Is there no love for the true World of Warcraft? You know, the one where there are two warring factions and you actually have to go on adventures to get things?

Everyone wants bliz to consider their super special request, as if they could craft a world with any staying power at all. I want to make an undead paladin. Should bliz listen to me? Absolutely not. We can’t all be the writers. We can’t all be on the art team. The more bliz listens, the less wow will look like wow, and it will lose it’s only audience.


Totally agree. I dont like this being friendly to each other, come together to beat so and so but i am afraid it won’t be anytime soon or ever with all the new features, tags, cross groups.


Remove the comma from the title.


Get rid of renown, ya heard!
also stop with all the mats,tokens, coins, primals thingy mabobs, and the gazillion other things you bog this game down with.


FYI, we clamored for years on these very forums to get ducks added to the game.

Game broken.


Question… is there really any human interaction in the majority of pugs? From my experience, people join, run into the dungeon/raid, kill stuff, run out and move on. The only time there is any “interaction” is if people screw up and then they get blasted for it and removed from the group. :man_shrugging:


Sometimes people say “ty” at the end, and I’m like, oh hey, they can talk.


Good news, they already don’t!


And for some reason you think you’re exempt.


Learn to read. To quote myself, “Should bliz listen to me? Absolutely not.”

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Yet you posted it, just like everyone you’re trying to refute with this post.

Contradicting yourself doesn’t change what I said.


Okay nvm I don’t think you understand the post. This is my last stab at it: I don’t want bliz to implement the above changes^^, or any.

If I was calling for a change, that would be a contradiction. I’m doing the opposite—Bliz, don’t listen. It’s really not complicated.


lol why so hostile. Op just want things to go back to the way it was and not have ideas from forum to go off of and saying they do the writing/ideas.


You don’t have much to worry about. Blizzard never listens anyway until a lawsuit or a significant drop in revenue is involved.


Oh, I understand well enough. Suggesting other peoples’ suggestions not be implemented is still a suggestion.

Whether it strictly changes anything is irrelevant. Advocating for the status quo is still advocating. Advocating for change isn’t as different as you think.

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Honestly I feel like they removed factions already… I hate how friendly we are with Horde now.

Hasn’t blizzard been doing away with horde and alliance being enemies like every other expansion?

Okay, good, you recognized the distinction in your comment: status quo vs. changes. Thanks. Do you have a terrible idea you were hoping Blizzard would implement?

Sometimes, people have ideas that they want to share with other people. Forums are a way of sharing those ideas. Sometimes, those ideas spark a lot of discussion and the idea warps and twists into something that’s actually very unique and interesting. Sometimes those ideas are to trigger hostile reaction. Sometimes, the post just withers away and becomes dust because no one wants to discuss it.

The productive discussion of ideas is what produced the game in the first place. I get is, people are tired of seeing things that would fundamentally change something and that’s fine, we can still have perfectly valid discussions it without ever agreeing.

I don’t want to do away with the factions themselves, I’d like it if all player characters could start neutral and then choose the faction they think best suits them, their storyline, playstyle, friend circle, etc. We see cross-faction npcs working and living alongside our factions, implying that there is a choice other than a hardcoded restriction of which race can be in which faction.


No, I just don’t like people who think their rear produces something that smells better than the next guy. That’s you, to be clear.