Blizzard, don't listen

it’s still a logical paradox.

I think that to the extent Blizzard developers listen to this forum, it is VERY, VERY filtered.

Although one of the points of design emphasis in DF has been making healers have to heal more in M+, so eh, maybe they do listen somewhat.

Nope it isn’t, because it’s not a suggestion.

FYI this is going to happen. 9.2.5 added cross faction guilds to the game code.

FYI this is going to happen because Blizzard likes more money.

The Dragon Isles should have been Alliance teaming up with the dragon aspects, who generally lean towards them narrative and The Horde teaming up with the Qualashi, Nokhud Centaur and try and plunder the dragon isles! Blood, thunder and the glory of actually slaying a dragon aspect!

Cut the Primalists (who are a lame Twilight’s Hammer retread) entirely and postpone the Incarnates for a late act reveal when, in true WC3 style we stop killing each other for a moment to slay the common threat.

There. I fixed it.

yes it is. otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it here.

Sadly, yes. It’s seemed inevitable for a while. Bummer. Horde and Alliance were a fundamental part of this great game. So was adventuring for goods. Total bummer

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Yes, because it’s stupid that as an Alliance player I can’t do queue’d dungeons to level with my friends who play Horde but I refuse because I don’t like Horde races

these aren’t that popular of ideas, just the forums lack a downvote button

Bruh i just want the effin dance studio they promised ages ago.

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They already did that

Eventually theyll do it

Like solo shuffle

Solo shuffle

Alternatively, relegate them to strictly PvP activity and allow players of any race to work within an unaffiliated neutral faction for PvE matters, like an Adventurer’s Guild. That way AvH storylines can be as bloodthirsty toward one another as they like while not impacting the sane individuals wanting to protect the world as a whole.

I can’t speak much to this as I barely even use the AH for anything. The less power real money has in the game, the better, but it’s also the new paradigm for gaming. One of the things I hate most about this new era.

Being able to snatch up the Trust system from XIV and being able to practice raid mechanics with bots would probably do a lot to alleviate the stress of performing in actual groups. And for those only interested in the story instead of chasing gear, then there you go. No impact to the hardened raiders, and they still get to enjoy all of the storyline they like.

I don’t M+, so I can’t speak to this, but… Isn’t that intended as higher-tier content?

The two ideas you mentioned in the third sentence of this response are mutually exclusive. If there are threats looming large enough to warrant a global response from Azeroth’s adventurers, then the Alliance and Horde need to pack up the baggage and stow it away. The more times this happens, the more sense it makes for relations to warm to one another.

You can actually already make undead Paladins. They unfortunately need to be elven, but they are there and they set a precedent.

Why, on Earth or Azeroth, would the Horde wantonly attack and plunder the Isles, when Ebonhorn exists?

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If wantonly attacking and plundering is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Emberhorn and the High Mountain can fill out the standard form of complaint, sit on their hands and join us in act 3 when we do the team-up bit on the common enemy.

Also, the Tauren as a whole would outright revolt at that point; they barely stayed in the Horde when Garrosh ran the show.

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This time will be different! We’re all one big happy horde! If the dragons didn’t want to be plundered, they shouldn’t have left all these ivory and gold statues of themselves hanging around!

Where’s the horde spirit these days. They have nice things and we’re not taking them!?

Good Dracthyr make no sense joning factions like I ain’t going to go kill my own clutch mates cause some talking Cow I dont know told me so

I mean as long as I have the option to earn it via the new currency I don’t care.

Yeah literally no ones saying that

Get rid of the WoW token and ban all forms of boosting, gold or otherwise(since they don’t actually ban real money transactions outside of the game, how would they even know?!), and then we can talk.

All exclusivity should be killed though. The longer we let exclusivity fester, the worse it becomes. The entire reason modern gaming is such a trash hell hole is that gamers decided that paying to be unique in any form online for some reason was a good idea. Spoiler alert: It isn’t a good idea.

The Horde spirit isn’t theft. That’s more the Alliance’s thing.

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You’ve created a conundrum here. If Blizz shouldnt take the forum’s advice in making the game, doesn’t that also mean they shouldnt take YOUR advice on not taking forum advice.

What have you done?