Blizzard, don't listen



After how they handled gushing wounds no.

No there isn’t.

And most definitely don’t listen to this guy.


Great contribution / defense.

I’m used to this, though, doing all the work of the discussion I choose to enter. Thankfully, I come prepared to do so.

You aren’t just advocating for the status quo. You’re passing judgment on other peoples’ opinions, as if you’re in a position to do so.

Like pushing back against change.

Why not? Who does that hurt? What about the health of the game is ruined by this? Forsaken already use the light, why wouldn’t it also elevate them when they prove themselves?

“You think you want that, but you don’t.”

years later, classic releases and does well


No. Not everyone here feels that way.

I’ve never even heard this before on the forums. But if it was here, it was a monumentally stupid idea that I’m sure not everyone agreed with.

No. Not everyone here feels that way.

I don’t even understand what this means, but it sounds like some troll idea.

We aren’t a hive mind. And we’re roughly 1% of the playerbase.

Maybe calm down?

Yikes you’re too caught up in this, guy. Wasn’t trying to debate the nature of debates, or advocacy, or any of that with you, hence the short response. But I can see this hits close to home for you for some reason you gotta start with the insults.


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lol i was thinking just this. These guys have been hurt or something.

That’s the only good idea these people have.

It took moments to quote sections of your post. I’ve spent much more of my attention to the SC2 video I’m watching.

So we argued and I was a jerk to you and I’m sorry… but just wanted to say this is why I enjoy you being around here.

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“blizzard don’t listen to these people listen to me asking you to not listen instead.” uh huh.


Part of the blame almost always rests with me. I’m rude, at times, and I can be very aggressive in how I discuss.


I hope they listen to exactly none of us, myself included. I didn’t actually think they would be reading this and taking my advice.

I hope they don’t read the forums at all, and I hope 0% of it makes its way into the ears of those at bliz. Yep.

I’m the same way, so maybe we clash a bit. But you’re awesome— even when I get jerky. :two_hearts:


so then by that logic they will ignore your suggestions and not implement any of them. what your asking for is basically a logical paradox. since they will never see your posts they won’t ever implement your suggestions that you apparently don’t want to see implemented.

I guess you missed the “we’re changing WQs… oh, y’all flipped out… I guess we won’t” thread.

I did actually… uh oh

It’s not a suggestion really. If I was serious about Blizzard listening to me I would write them a letter or something

It’s more akin to when a celebrity makes a public apology for harrassing/hitting someone… it’s styled as a personal apology, but more for the masses than the actual victim.

I think bliz should take no ideas from the community. Period. Any changes come only from in house. This is not an official suggestion for blizzard, this is my genuine hope.