Blizzard buff Multiboxers in 9.2

no…blizzard…leave it like that. lol.
do we just complain about things just to hear ourselves complain?
this would be a welcome change to farmers.

why, the goods will be worth nothing. This is the only expansion people could make some gold from skinning and you want it to be worth a few silver? That isn’t helping the farmers…

Depends on the server.

I’ve literally had people skin mobs that I’ve killed the moment I’ve looted them because they got the tag. I’ve also copped a verbal spray for skinning a mob I’ve killed because another player got the tag as well and was also a skinner.

Players have been asking Blizzard to make skinning a multi-tap thing for a while now. They’re finally doing it, so this is a great change.

sure it is. I farm for ME. lol. I dont need you all charging me three arms and a leg for a bucks with of pocket lint mats lol

oh, so you speak on behalf of all farmers.

I think you meant to say

if Im farming and can just fire off shots and get to skin too, that helps ME gather more.
the part you folks never seem to comprende here is IF the prices are high, EVERYONE is going to farm the crap until the prices are trashed again.
if you actually believe mat X is going to sell for 300gold each and every joe in the game isnt going to think its worth their time to farm it to sell, you are sadly mistaken.
I know… i farm every day and i see it happen all the time. Boxers not required.

skins have value for two things to sell = farmers

to craft = crafter

If you are complaining about this you are a crafter

lmao…the ONLY crafting i use to make money is engineering any more.
Im not complaining about the change. I like the change. It helps me gather more to sell more.
like I said…

ok you just don’t understand english well I guess.

we’re done here.

Is that a tongue I see poking the side of your cheek?

So what if I farm on one account on monitor 1 then craft on monitor 2 with the other account open using leathers that I bought off the AH + skinned?

I’ve said the same thing about HyperSpawns but they could let them stay and just don’t let them drop anything except for quest items if that’s what they are there for. Other than that just no loot at all :+1:

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That would work too. If the idea is for quests to be done then gold and stuff like that shouldn’t be a thing or loot is limited to whoever hit it first or to maybe like 3.

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Yeah I’m assuming hyperspawns exist as a quality of life feature so we don’t have to wait long for respawns but they don’t need to drop anything of value to still get that QoL :+1:

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And from my time of bot busting in wow (cause it’s hilarious to watch them all get stuck) 2x4 farms are the most abused by bots now. I don’t even see multiboxers doing it, it’s full on bots (holds up cushion of justice) or RMT farmers doing it too (around 1.2k amount of achievement points, 10 million gold earned from the “gold looted” tab in wealth with the account only being created a month ago for example).

They should just keep banning people who abuse it. Many times have I come across players who purposely tagged and rushed to skin mobs before I dropped aggro to skin what I was pulling for mats.

I didn’t know they didn’t have it like the other professions. Long overdue then.