Blizzard buff Multiboxers in 9.2


  • Many skinnable, mineable, and gatherable enemies can now be skinned, mined, and gathered by all the players who engaged with the enemy and have the correct gathering skill.
    • Developers’ note: In order to help make “skinning” (skinning, mining, and herb gathering of enemies) a more group friendly experience, we have adjusted skinning rules. The majority of “skinnable” enemies will now following the normal tapping rules, and be skinnable by everyone who engaged with them and has the ability to skin them. Some weaker and very specific enemies can still only be skinned once, while some rare and powerful enemies will be skinnable by everyone who engages them and is capable.

remove this Blizzard fasttttt


Looks like I’ll keep my second account going for a little longer!


It was created to help with powerful enemies that are skinnable.

They just need to ban bots, multiboxers are working as expected, using multiple accounts and can’t use software for pressing keys on all game instances.


Oh, look, another Pardonnez thread.


Yeah nah, this is a fantastic change.

I’ve got characters who are leatherworkers, with skinning being a supporting profession so they’re not buying a ton of materials from the AH. There’s nothing more annoying than missing out on skinning a mob because someone got to it half a second before I did. Right now if someone helps me murder a mob in the open world I have to wait until they loot and move away before I do just so I can guarantee that I get to skin that mob.

If mobs no longer vanish when getting skinned (with the exception of some weaker enemies) that’s fantastic for me and other skinners out there.


skinning is ruined , mats are now multiplied

prices will go down , it’s over gg , now i will turn into a booster


Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve seen any multi boxers for quite a while

They did ban that mirroring software right?
I just a lot of them gave up?


This is a good change. Now people can stop griefing open world resources.



Cool, I multi-box on a daily basis, so this is music to my ears. Thanks, Blizzard.

AOE skinning when?
AoE skinning has been a request since MoP when we were killing all those goats and turtles in VotFW :laughing:

This is a change that has been 15 years coming. Well done!


Nooooooo, this is actually a good change. I’m tired of engaging a mob with another character and not getting a chance to get items from it, even though it wasn’t grey the entire time I fought it.


:wave: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

and hardware :+1:

Yep, a lot of them (there are multiboxxer discords) went to other games that embrace multiboxxing like uh … Everquest! Almost forgot the name lol.

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as good as it sound , i think multiboxers will abuse it

Like they already ‘abuse’ multi-tap herbing/mining nodes? This is only fair imo.

Took how many years for this to happen?
Some say the words “LOOT THE HOUNDS” still echoes through the Molten Core to this day

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I have 5 accounts and refuse to farm with more than 1 character. It’s just… wrong. I’ll gladly group up with anyone if I’m out and about that would want to skin stuff together and make a group just to go around doing that.

Don’t forget RMT gold farmers too and people caught buying gold! :smiley:

What’s wrong about that? you’re paying 5 subs, you just need to alt tab and follow your main character instead of using a software to press the same key on all characters.

I just find to complicated to do it and boring.

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