Blizzard buff Multiboxers in 9.2

It feels like even though I am paying for 5 sure I’m just getting too much compared to others around me you know? I don’t want to take from others and I don’t want to hinder their experience.

Edit: I do play manually (obv) it’s just, it feels weird like I said earlier to take more.

Just saw some this morning when I logged into my alt I was leveling in ardenweald. Had 4 people flying behind with sharp turns. Now was it tabout and follow or hardware/software? I don’t know, and it’s not like anyone that early was synchronizing world content for w/e reason.

Also see some on the regular in korthia.

To me, skinning has always had an advantage in terms of gathering professions, especially since wq’s became a thing, since they can just go to a wq where it’s necessary to kill beasts and just skin endlessly without killing anything. This change seems unnecessary, but whatever.

Multiboxing is banned though. You cannot do it with Hardware or software. FFXIV caught onto this and just made an announcement that they are going to allow it fully forever. Blizzard’s loss really. They keep doing things that cause people to unsub from WoW and go over to FFXIV.

Not multiboxers who are doing that btw…it’s BOTS

Where did you get this junk from.oh gross.
NM ,I found it ,I just wish they would word it

They do. Its just that these bots are funded by people who have so much money that they can throw down tens of thousands of dollars to make thousands of accounts, boost the toons, and then they get banned often…they just start over.

No. They are permanently banned from all of WoW for both hardware and software boxing. You want to box now? Go play FFXIV. They openly allow it and will even provide help to players who have questions about it. Pretty odd for Blizz to openly ban it now when less than a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a single percent actually even did it.

Blizz just permabanned it recently go play FFXIV if you want to multibox. It is actually 100% fully allowed there the same way that it once was here.

Actually, the old ways of multiboxing is banned. You can still do it manually and according to wow’s TOS you can still do it without hardware or software weirdoness. Alt tab, clicking between windows, hover to activate a window with windows 10 function.

I have 5 still do it manually and submit videos of myself multiboxing to report bots. I’m still here bots are not.

So the GM that told me it was ok to do it manually was not right? Their stance is on mirroring.


Tos as well on the whole subject. We’ve been there done this. If you’re refering to mirroring you’re right the mirroring is gone but not the ability to have multiple open and manually do it.

Now, if only they’ll remove hyperspawning so that bots can’t exploit the House of the Chosen


I’ve said for a long time that they need to fix hyper spawns. They are broken and just allow for gold printers to be created and used by bots, boxers, or just a group of players.

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This is a great change. This doesnt really mean that they buffed multiboxers. Its good for groups that kill a skinnable mob and they have to compete for it. Pretty sure they’ll ban multiboxing since they did in classic.

So was there a new piece of info that I’m missing or something? Second person posting this morning stating mboxing is totally banned yet look at the TOS and it’s the same as what I posted earlier.

Edit: unless you’re referring to the mirroring then nevermind carry on we know that isn’t allowed and hasn’t been for like… what a year?

Didnt they say something about multiboxing being banned in Classic before it even came out? Did they ever allowed it again?

Edit: so it was banned in Classic. However it isnt banned in retail and probably couldn’t be since it’s in the agreement of the end user license agreement unless they change it? So OP, is kind of right. They did buff multiboxing.

They banned software mirror inputs in NOV 2020 then they banned hardware mirror inputs in may of 2021 (I think it was may) and that was for both retail and classic.

This TOS link applies to all aspects of wow.

I did not see anything banning it in it’s entirety for one version just these policy updates. Besides that sounds weird, why ban it for one version and not the other version?

You can alt tab all day, click windows, or hover to activate a window with windows 10.

Edit: please show me the link specifically stating it was banned in classic.

h ttps://

Here’s the link and what you stated is right. Players are allowed to use two different accounts so as long as a multi client isn’t in use. For example im not allowed to use my secondary characters on follow and using one command while controlling the main.

Alt tabbing from one account to another is fine. For example I could have one character farming skinnable mobs while one in stormwind. As long as a client isn’t telling them to do a single command and you, the player is that should be fine. Its kind of confusing but thats what I’m getting.

Alright I could see why you would say that was classic only and as a clarification that link you sent me is the forum post about the policy update from kaivax that goes across all aspects (classic, retail, som, bc classic) and you’re referring to mirroring itself which yeah they gave two diff updates on all that. Mirror boxing is done in wow.

That’s the post it was originally pulled from on the wow general forums. =)

That and if someone wanted to set up something where if they hit button A on client 1 and client 2 got button B that also isn’t allowed. If you go to window 1 hit a button manually go to window 2 hit a button go to window 3 hit a button that’s fine to do. I do know one dude that what he does is he has a wireless mouse and keyboard and he flips the switches on em to swap computers, which is also fine since there’s nothing weirdo there. He manually controls one computer at a time. He does AH stuff though so the other toon sits idle most of the time doing tsm stuff (to clarify I have no idea how tsm works I know it scans and that’s about it LOL).

It’s confusing but that’s what they mean by the “streamline” bit cause if you do two diff commands via 1 input someone could argue that “this isn’t mirroring.” It’s still input broadcasting, but they may try to pull the technicality card.

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I don’t see them in the numbers I did at the beginning of the expansion, but there are still several on my main server. I still see a lot of bots as well, i’ve reported and received those confirmation emails on 3 or 4 in the last week.

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I see a lot of duel boxers (people with 2 clients) cause 2 is super easy to control within the new rules. That’s honestly how I prefer to box when I go to box cause it’s super easy and way less to manage. Anything past 3 is a pain and 3 feels weird.

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that is such a bad idea - I better sell my leather now

Does anyone on the PTR know if this is just those rare mobs that drop the new leather or are they pretending people should be able multiple skin the ones in Korthia?

you kill it you skin it, there is no you are missing out because someone skinned it first. Those are freebies that you didn’t touch.

Right now if someone helps me murder a mob in the open world I have to wait until they loot and move away before I do just so I can guarantee that I get to skin that mob.

That only might happen if they are a skinner themself and I have never actually had that happen to me.

I actually don’t understand your post at all. I could sit in Korthia one day and skin almost all day not touching a mob. I am amazed someone would think leather isn’t easy enough to get.

lol. I had one clown in BFA early on who started a whole big unnecessary stink over skinning mobs. I had stayed out of their way and was minding my business but he just had to come over and get into the two little quillrats I was killing and skinning over and over instead of just sticking to his mob of them up in the field.
I jumped over and killed them all and didnt loot…and did it a few more times just to show them that you dont need to screw with other players just because youre a jerk and can. lol.
I dont mind it when its an accident, but this game has enough obnoxious children in it that a change like this might be a good idea.