Blizzard breaking tos

Blizzard has provided me with ingame emails stating punishments have been handed out according to a report i have made, so saying they dont tell you when they do so if false. furthermore, they do not provide proof when players are punished simply because half of the time they break their own Terms of Service by punishing accounts that havent broken any official rules. They have GMs on these forums that state you can be punished for anything the community deems offensive, meaning if you are reported by enough people you will be punished, doesnt matter what for. If blizzard provided proof of said broken offenses they would have so much legal litigation piling up they would be forced to give most players full refunds for breaking their own Terms of Service. Furthermore, if an Old game like Runescape can implement algorithms to eliminate profanity in an environment where its not welcomed, then why cant blizzard? why does blizzard give you the option to use mature language and see mature language by adding a mature language filter in the settings tab, but too lazy to implement an algorithm to block it out period? blizzard is a joke and so are everyone who comes to a multi billion dollar companys defense just because theyre bored, and imho half of them are probably GMs with alt accounts that are paid by blizzard to be trolls,. when a player has the same name on 10+ servers and keeps PMing a player and i ignore and report every single one, thats harrassment.

I thought ignore was account wide now? maybe not.

There are no GMs on the forums, sorry.

And have you done what the SFAs here keep saying and submitting an ongoing harassment ticket every time you put them on ignore, providing you don’t talk to them beforehand?

And further, just to get to the root of this post, the EULA is for us, as players, to abide by.

It is, but not in the manner I think you think it is. Every character on the account of the character ignored is affected, but not every character on your own account is. You have to ignore that character on each of your own.


oh okay, thanks for clarifying. I guess someone would have to know all your characters names then.

No, you just need to add one of THEIR characters to your /ignore list on each of your own characters. So if a player is bothering you to the point you wish to /ignore them altogether, then just add that character name to the /ignore list on each of your characters. Then you will /ignore ALL of THEIR characters on each of YOUR characters that you do that on.


oh really? is that why Kings of the Realm had to give most of its player base a refund for breaking its own ToS by funding streamers when in their ToS it said they would not provide free items to any player? No Sir, the ToS is a mutual contract between company and playerbase , mostly directed at a playerbase, you sir are ignorant. the Code Of Conduct is a rulebook for players, a ToS is for both player and provider. hence Blizzard not providing proof of any infractions theyd have to refund most of their player base if they did,.

Just so you know, The Terms of Service/EULA is for the players to follow. Blizzard is not held to them, nor are they required to follow them, they have their own internal policies that they follow.

Here’s the EULA. Since you really haven’t read it.

I get you are upset, but calling people names (like you did in your other post) is probably what got you into trouble in the first place. You might wanna take a step back and reassess things.


I am very sorry you are upset. It seems like you came here to vent and we all do it sometimes, but the reality is posts like this usually end in arguments and no blizzard employees on these forums have the power to change anything like that anyways.

I wish you the best.


Um, yeah…

The EULA IS the Terms of Service. I’m starting to see why you got yourself in trouble.


Bottom line. You agree to follow the rules laid forth by Blizzard every time you agree to play this game. Trying to armchair lawyer your way around your punishment is going to get you nowhere here. File a ticket as has been stated. Don’t break the rules and you don’t get punished. If other people are continuing to harass you and you are not responding to these players, file a ticket for ongoing harassment. But if you don’t report, then the others can’t be sanctioned. I’m sorry you’re in the position you’re in, but opening multiple threads and trying to ‘argue your case’ is going to do little here in these player helping player forums. GMs are only available through filing tickets right now, no chats. The only thing to be gained in this back and forth is a potential vacation from the forums as well.


blizzard will continue to treat us however they want if we allow them. theirs a reason the player base has dropped to less than 2million active players with 50 alts each, as opposed to the famed advertisements of ’ 10 million players ’ worldwide. If what you say if half true they could premenantly ban every player with a year membership just because they want to, in hopes that the people will create new accounts and pay for more membership. blizzard HAS to have a set of policies available to be viewed by players to make sure stuff like that doesnt happen genius.

If you’re upset and think you have a case, go speak to a lawyer. Nothing will come from posting on the forums.


ur 2 cents is so important, go get a lawyer etc… doesnt take a lawyer to point out a game is violating its own terms of service by punishing accounts without proof. if that were the case they could ban all accounts permanently in hopes they will create new ones and pay for more membership.

Unless I’m mistaken, Blizzard has not published their numbers in a great while. So this is all conjecture and your opinion. You keep missing the part in your agreeing to play in their sandbox, and to do that, there are rules to be followed. Trying rise up against the man isn’t going to get you very far when you’re choosing to play. If you don’t like their rules and policies then perhaps there is somewhere else you may be happier and I wish you well if that’s the case.


Like I explained, The “ToU” is for the players to follow, Blizzard is not required to follow it, they have their own internal policies that they follow.

You might want to cool down, as when the mods return, you might not like the outcome.


It’s a player supported help forum, not a direct line to Blizzard.


so ur tellin me they can lawfully ban every account and make us make new ones for more profit? negative, well technically they could since half you kids dont know where to look for the mutual policies

Yup! Read the EULA (Which you obviously haven’t) They can terminate your account anytime for whatever reason.

btw, I’m a lot older that you are…


Customer Support, not Customer Service. This is a player helping player forum. And it’s not trolling to try and offer advice as best we can. I’m sorry you’re seeing it any other way but that.


You obviously have not read any of the stickies, kid. It’s all laid out quite clearly if you bothered to do your due diligence. And they’re not trying to make people buy new accounts.

Follow the rules, don’t get suspended or banned entirely. Voila! No new account needed. It’s not that hard, and there is no great conspiracy theory as you’re so bent on clutching to.