Blizzard breaking tos

“This is will end in tears” - Marvin

Not really a backdoor, as it quite apparent if you read the EULA


Yup, that’s what got you suspended in the first place.

G’Night Gracy…


This is probably the last forum you want to start going off the rails. Everyone in this thread and your other has tried to offer advice while you’re going off on every typical tangent of someone who really has no clue.

I’ve a feeling this will be locked or unlisted before much longer so I really do wish you well however this all turns out. I’m sorry for you honestly.


Oh, the irony…

Sounds like WoW is no longer the game for you, OP. I wish you best of luck in whichever direction your gaming takes you.


Spoken like a true Blizzard employee.

Where’s your blue text? :thinking:

bow I’ll be here all week. Ta!

And still best of luck in the future, genuinely. And I do hope you learn the difference between Support and Service in Blizzard’s universe. There are no game masters here, who are customer service.


Take a moment to read this. Last bit I’ll leave with you before a SFA makes their way around.


Last thing…

The trick about getting out of a hole in the ground is to quit digging.


Correct, glad you understand. Their sandbox, their rules.

Generalized thank you statements aren’t the same as specific account penalty statements. So, no, they’re not violating their privacy policy by confirming action has been taken against some accounts you’ve reported (and it is the privacy policy in question here, not the EULA).

Completely wrong. They don’t provide proof because they aren’t going to help people work out how to avoid detection, and the players who are punished know full well what they did, so proof isn’t necessary. False positives are the minority, by a large degree, and people who claim they “were banned and I don’t know why” are, quite simply, lying. The majority of the time anyways. The way Blizzard’s policies are set up, it’s a case of “if you did something wrong, you know what you did; if you didn’t do anything, then an appeal will clear you”.

No that’s not what SFAs have said. They have said they allow server populations some level of self-governance on what’s considered spam . If you get squelched for spam, GMs tend to lean towards the server majority as to whether it was warranted.

You have to remember the anti-spam measures are primarily aimed at gold spammers, which is a far more cut-and-dry situation. When it comes to actual users, it can be a bit finnicky. There would be a “within reason” aspect to this self-governance though. But again, it someone is being reported for spam while not spamming, to the point of being squelched, it’ll likely be a targeted attempt at harassment. And that won’t end so well for the ones doing the reporting.

Probably because those algorithms don’t work very well. I would think all the flack YouTube has gotten in recent years should be a sign of how algorithms aren’t reliable, and Blizzard’s own forums have dealt with automatic censoring that ended up including words like “grape”, or indeed “harassment”.

It’s not an option to use mature language. It’s a preventative measure to help keep people from seeing it when it inevitably happens.

Yeah, I can see why you got silenced now. There is something that can be said, though, about people who attack anyone (organization or individual) with baseless misinformation and lies. It doesn’t help anyone.

First of all, the word you’re looking for is “shills”. Second of all, no. If I’m a GM, then I’m severely underpaid, underworked and in very much the wrong location.

Sure is. Hopefully you’ve opened an ongoing harassment ticket on that.


Excellent points, Dathrel. I think that is a perfect point to end this thread on.