Blazing Ingot quest dead

Gata find ways to justify a paycheck.


I just want to know what the hell they were thinking.

Who greenlit this? That person needs to lose his next paycheck.

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That makes it sound like it was an unintended consequence for a change, so not a bug but not something they were looking to do, and rather than revert the change they are changing the respawn rate to make it functionally like it used to be.

If I read that blue post correctly, it still disappears. It just respawns faster?

Not surprised they’re trying to stretch that place out. The fact that gem sockets are tied to the maw to begin with smacks of them realizing they needed an excuse to get people down there at all.

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So why was the change made in the first place?


Sheesh. No wonder people are getting cranky.

Yes, that is what it seems to say.

If it is an almost instant respawn, it may make the quest even faster, as you could conceivably stand in one spot and rapidly and repeatedly loot the same bar.

I bet they will make it so that you can only loot each spawn location once.


yup. i got 1 character im trying to get exalted with venari. twice last week i went into the maw to do the dailies after i had done the weeklies, and didnt even finish one, just said nope, not worth it… and hearthed out. the maw is such a terrible terrible zone…


We’re working on a hotfix for this.

Once the hotfix is live, Blazing Ingots for “Acquisition: Blazing Ingots” and Animacones for “A Dangerous Harvest” will respawn quickly after a player has looted them. From Blue poster.

Yeah… lets fix an issue we caused rather than just reverting the stupid change…


Its being “hotfixed” to respawn quickly…was in intended change. More time antics.

Yeah I was wondering what the hel happened because I spent way too long running around trying to find all the blazing ingots that should have been there.

I finally just abandoned the quest.

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Did anyone read this:

See the Blue response.

apparently it was not grindy enough.

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What’s worse, is that plenty of players will probably do it without even any malicious intent, because they aren’t the kind to meticulously keep up with patch notes and weekly adjustments, so they innocently figure “I might as well grab one, they’ll get to pick up one too after the mob, right?”

So not only do you have the salt of intentional competition but of some poor sap’s first experiences in endgame being colored by innocently picking up something that (especially if they’ve seen quests like this “on the way up”) thought wouldn’t even cause a problem resulting in a thumping from a probably already tilted player.

Seriously, Blizzard. There’s simply not caring, and then there’s actively trying to foster toxicity, which it really starts to seem like they are doing.


I think I’ve figured out Blizzard’s plan.

They track player love/hate for the game on a 32-bit integer, and it’s gone so far negative that the only way to make it positive again is to drive it below the limit so it wraps. :upside_down_face:

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Looks like it’s basically back to normal. Stuff I was beaten to was respawning within a few seconds in the same location.

For clarification, changes aren’t always made because “someone” may have asked for them (i.e. provided feedback). The items needed to be changed to help address a server issue the previous functionality was causing.

A hotfix should be live which increases respawn rate of those items to help those who are on the quest and our developers continue to look at options to avoid any roadblocks this change may cause.