Neither of those is blinding.

The other thread proved it’s a you issue.

How many light pufferfish users were looking at the top part here?

I don’t want to make an “educated” guess before knowing the number here. Is it just 1?

Your interpretation of what constitutes evidence is flawed.

Totally came here expecting a whine post about Behemoth being ‘too hard’.

You keep mentioning “other thread” … What other thread?

Say the name of that thread at least.

Edit: Wait, you mean this one? PLEASE rework or remove this item

I honestly don’t know. I just visited it because several people mentioned it in our guild discord and I had seen the post. It appears however based on the comments and conversations that it starts as one or two and with all things (like the trains, mounts, etc.) people group up and make it worse.

It seems to be a new ‘troll’. It’s not horrible but if you stay there long enough it gave me a headache. Fortunately I have other alternatives like my garrison AH and just go there…but the OP isn’t the only person who finds it blinding and it seems to be a trend unfortunately.

It’s also why we can’t have nice things :slight_smile:


We can’t have nice things because 1 person out of the tons of ppl using them, find them annoying?

Edit: When 10 ppl are playing w/ the toy in 1 area. And you don’t like it. You’re the odd 1 out. Don’t nerf their fun

Yea, i’m on there right now…

And looking at the second photo of what said to be a half fish, that photo just looks super bright.

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Yes… everyone in the area except for the one abusing the toy is the odd one out… definitely.


Yeah. Somebody REPLICATED that image. His monitor settings were messed up. Nobody else could replicate that image. Keep scrolling

Yep that sceenshot looks right. It definitely isnt monitor brightness that changed that screenshot

‘Abuse’. If the majority of ppl are playing w/ the toy, that’s not abuse. That’s like saying ppl are abusive when they’re partying in the living room while the loner sits in the corner.

Multiple ppl tried replicating that image, same spot/position. They couldn’t. It’s him.

I did found another that is very definitive answer to my own question. Somebody named Kiwi, posted four photos with no fish, one fish, more fish, all fish.

And it is Additive.

Monitor settings won’t change the screenshot…

That’s not the additive we were talking about. I said when I stacked 5 and somebody else had 5. When we walked over each other- it didn’t increase the brightness. 5 is cap.

Funny how nobody else could replicate his screenshot then?

Did you open a ticket?

If not, then you’ll count yourself lucky if a Blue happens by and sees this. Be proactive and open a ticket and do something about it rather than just QQing here.

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