PLEASE rework or remove this item

The item in question is called " Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish":

I beg for this item to be changed in some way or flat out deleted from the game.
When used, which can be done ever hour, you receive 5 different colored fish items (Green, Purple, Red, Blue and Orange). When you use it on yourself, someone else, or an NPC, it gives a 15 minute buff with a glowing aura of that color in about a 15 yard radius.
My complaint is that the light is VERY bright. This item is being abused on my realm in high population RP locations and causing the rooms to be blindingly bright.
The players log on to create the item then will throw it onto the NPCs, making iit impossible for the buff to be removed, then log back off to do it again shortly after.
There is no way to remove the buff on the NPCs without a horde to kill them, and there is no other setting or toy that will get rid of the effect.
I don’t know how else to make you believe me but I promise you that the light really is bright. I have fairly sensitive eyes and when this is done in a building it really does hurt after a while.
My suggestion is that the item should only be allowed to be used on yourself, unless traded. The radius should be lowered to melee range. Lastly, the brightness should be VASTLY lowered.


Stop nerfing every toy just because somebody doesn’t like it. If you have a condition, take care of it in a way that doesn’t affect others’ fun- wear sunglasses


I seriously don’t think you realize just how bright I mean… It’s not a matter of “fun” it’s a matter of annoyance and ruining the game for others. I’d post a link to a picture if I could but links aren’t allowed.


I love my Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish! The light they cast is very pleasing and fun!

But I’ve never seen it really brighten things up to where it would be uncomfortable.

You might want to check your computer settings!


I’ve seen it on wowhead. It’s not bad


I’ve seen it.

It looks a bit unnatural and it’s certainly a more noticeable effect than most toys, but it’s hardly blinding or anything. My first thought was “I want whatever toy is doing this”, not annoyance.

It’s really not that much more distracting than a weather stone in an area that doesn’t normally have weather or something.

Edit: Nevermind, OP is right, look at the screenshots below.


https: // (normal)

https: // (when only half the fish are used by one person)


I rescind my statement. That’s pretty bad.

I don’t know if what I saw just wasn’t multiple fish or if the effect is just exaggerated when it’s in a smaller enclosed area, but that’s worth being annoyed over.

Your labels are backwards btw. Normal Half the fish / 1 Player


Thank you! At least someone believes me…

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You know, I sometimes see this crazy green light around Boralus Harbor around the Inn area, can never figure out its light source. Wonder if its these fishies, though its always green.

Yes, get a fun toy nerfed, that always goes over well.


There’s a difference between being fun and being annoying. It can still be “nerfed” and remain fun and no longer annoying…


I don’t want them to just gut the CD or fundamentally change the toy, but if they could make it so only 1 fish light source can be active at a time in a given radius, that would be good.

But they’re also lazy so they’d probably just gut it somehow instead.

In moonguard Goldshire there are many trolls and this toy light effect stacks, You can have it brigher than looking at the sun irl. The OP is being pretty light about the topic. It can get awful and give out real problems to peoples eyes. The only counter is to set your Game Graphics to the level 1 setting.


I like the toy in its current form. Wowhead even said it’s useful to explore the ocean with


Thank you! Another sane person…


If it was the Bowl of Disco Strobe Pufferfish maybe, but you are just being a bit uppity, no offense. Nothing is stopping you from moving away from said area/players.


i don’t have a condition, but i hate this stupid item so much and would like for it to at least be changed so that only the person using it would see it.

it’s annoying.


I have this toy. It isn’t.


You clearly skipped through everything else. I provided pictures and two other individuals have vouched my position.