the only thing that bothers me is the jealousy I experience for those who have it when I wanna glow and be pretty :frowning:

You know there’s another auction house in dwarven district that nobody barely goes to and it’s empty and peaceful.

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Alright! Everyone on Stormrage, you heard the man! Constantly change your monitor settings as you move around the game because its your OWN problem.

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But that thread and this thread gave solutions. Adjust YOUR monitor. Like the person a few comments above me said. It can only get as bright as the White ‘of Google.’

Your not too far off, it is a white page with black letters on the search bar contrasting against the white background page and i can see somebody would find that blinding.

I have no complaints there cause whenever i bring up Google, i’m doing it of my own volition and nobody else is forcing it on me. Not to mention, i’m constantly web surfing. World of Warcraft however, one guy starts following you and 5 other guys with the light with intent to blind and the solution that you come up with is “This is your fault for having X, you need to do Y”.

My problem is not exactly with being blinded or a solution that creates more problems then solves them, my problem is people placing the blame on those who had no control over on what happens to them.


Agreed on nerfing this, us visually impaired users have enough to worry about.


There’s also tons of ppl posting pics in that thread and the ppl who were ‘blinded’ have messed up settings. Ppl replicated the scenario (same place, positioning, etc) and it wasn’t blinding. Blizz shouldn’t cater to technology inept players. Also nobody is FORCING you to play WoW

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Nah man, its easy, just change your gamma on your monitor literally every time you move to and from major cities where people do this stuff. Not like its extremely annoying side effect that should be changed. Its YOUR problem after all, not the guys abusing this for your discomfort.

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Again, your offering a solution that create’s more problems then it solves. Also, telling me to quit wow cause something blinded me? That will be fine and dandy if it’s just one, but you don’t think Blizzard would take that into account if they see reports on this here and there if it continues to mount up?

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Fun detected. Must eliminate.


So if i come over with 10 guys with the light to annoy/blind you with it, it’s suddenly a you problem? I don’t even follow this. I legitmentally don’t follow this.

If it blinds you ever, that means your settings are messed up. Adjust it once and you’re done.

I was being sarcastic

Ahh, must’ve escaped that. :slight_smile:

The lights don’t ‘stack’ like you say. If I put all 5 fish on me and stack on another guy w/ 5 fish- the light doesn’t intensify.

…Well you got a photo evidence there? Like links or etc?

And before you say it, i never seen the toy myself, i just guess the lights are additive cause typically in video games, that’s how lights work.

Shows a blank white image



Uh yeah. I use the toy on CD during raid. 5 on me, 5 on my cotank. They just merge.

So you’re suggesting that a multitude of people’s game experience have the added tax of constant monitor adjusting as they move within the world because of this?

This is an irrational take on the issue. I expect that Blizzard will make the standard cost/benefit analysis that any service provider would do in such a case and decide one way or the other. Ultimately, they’re going to inconvenience the smaller population, whichever that ends up being.

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Sweet, can i see the image? Link me the image. Let me see the image so i… er we can see what you have seen. :slight_smile:

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