Yeah. Somebody REPLICATED that image. His monitor settings were messed up. Nobody else could replicate that image. Keep scrolling

Yep that sceenshot looks right. It definitely isnt monitor brightness that changed that screenshot

‘Abuse’. If the majority of ppl are playing w/ the toy, that’s not abuse. That’s like saying ppl are abusive when they’re partying in the living room while the loner sits in the corner.

Multiple ppl tried replicating that image, same spot/position. They couldn’t. It’s him.

I did found another that is very definitive answer to my own question. Somebody named Kiwi, posted four photos with no fish, one fish, more fish, all fish.

And it is Additive.

Monitor settings won’t change the screenshot…

That’s not the additive we were talking about. I said when I stacked 5 and somebody else had 5. When we walked over each other- it didn’t increase the brightness. 5 is cap.

Funny how nobody else could replicate his screenshot then?

Did you open a ticket?

If not, then you’ll count yourself lucky if a Blue happens by and sees this. Be proactive and open a ticket and do something about it rather than just QQing here.

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That’s fine and all, glad Blizzard thought about that, or maybe it’s an engine related limit, but you do know what happens if a bright light hits on a bright surface right?

And considering most of the places in WoW are pretty lit up already, you can see where people are complaining about, right?

A thing i failed to mention is this. Google is just a flat white image with some bits of color here and there. Meanwhile something like that photo i linked is blinding despite not being a flat white image, due to not being that. Your eyes wouldn’t rest anywhere on that image, cause all of the colors clashing each other and what not.

A flat color or smoothly blended color image is pleasant for the eyes, a mishmash of color chaos isn’t relaxing like at all.

I used Photoshop and ReShade in a couple of video games almost all the time to try to create a pleasing image in a way where it’s natural and easy on the eyes. Variation is a good thing, absolute, but it needs to work together, not against together.

It’s especially LESS effective in already light areas.

Lets play spot the difference!
Monitor brightness at 90:
h ttps://
Monitor brightness at 30:
h ttps://
Notice how there is no difference? Weird huh?

Btw, this is what fully stacked bioluminescent Stormwind looks like…
h ttps://

I don’t know how to link screenshots through the forums, but I’m sure you’ll figure out how to make those links work


Yea that’s like Cyan hell for the eyes. X_X

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Adjust your gamma, etc. It’s funny how the only ppl having these issues have drastically different images than everyone else posting screenshots.

You know, how come we never see you post a screenshot? :thinking:

I’m already distracted enough w/ this thread? You’re slowing my WQ’ing down.

h ttps://

Mmm yes, much better

I can’t tell you how to fix your own monitor.

Its not a monitor issue! I already proved to you that screenshots work based on game files, not monitor settings! How daft do you have to be?

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It’s a lot easier for others if you surround your links with a tilde (the key above your tab) so that they can then just highlight and follow the link rather than having to edit your link, like so: