Bind-on-Equip Items from Mythic Raid in Early Season 1

When the Vault of the Incarnates raid opens next week, enemies inside will occasionally drop Bind-on-Equip loot, as in previous raids. For early Season 1 play, we’re putting a restriction on BoEs that drop in Mythic difficulty.

  • For the first few weeks of Dragonflight Season 1, items that would have been Bind-on-Equip in lower difficulties will drop as Bind-on-Pickup items in Mythic difficulty.

One of our goals with rewards has always been to primarily make the best loot in the game come through gameplay, rather than spending gold. Bind-on-Equip items from raids have long been exceptions to that, but they provide something unique to raiders: when raid groups don’t need the BoEs for progression anymore, they can be sold to fund consumables and repairs. In Dragonflight Season 1, Mythic difficulty is opening at the same time as other difficulties, a full week before players will have even opened the Vault for the first time, and Mythic BoEs represent more of a power increase than we wish to see available for gold.

Once a few weeks have passed, we’ll revise the items to drop as BoEs in Mythic difficulty. Please note that the second adjustment will not change already-acquired soulbound gear back into Bind-on-Equip. After that time, only new drops will be BoEs.

We’ll see you in Vault of the Incarnates next week!


Good Job game devs. Thanks for giving us all a fair shot, even if we fail. We get what we deserve.


Should be all difficulties to be honest


You should change it so it lasts until any guild takes world first however long that takes

Also include heroic BoEs

Would be 10/10 change


Wow, this is an unexpected and well-considered change.


Will we be able to trade the items to players that were loot eligible, or will it be true BoP.

100% will be able to trade in group, only trying to keep them off the AH

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You ruined Christmas Blizzard! My life is over now I can’t make 5,000,000,000,000 gold off of world first raiders… this is an outrage!!!


Asking for clarification. I would assume it to be the case as well given the intent behind the change.

Only enable BoEs when the last boss has been beaten and not before.

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Why weren’t the trial of elements reset for this week? People have spent multiple hours today and never got any drops for it.

We hope so, but with Blizzard if it’s not explicitly stated, they can skirt around it and disappoint players yet again.

…does your reasoning not also extend to Mythic difficulty though? Why are they also not going to drop as BoP? O_o

This change only applies to mythic difficulty. If an item is a BoE drop in Normal/Heroic, then in Mythic it will be BoP for a few weeks. After the “time limit” new items from mythic will be BoE like the lower difficulties.

Sorry if I misunderstood but “doesn’t this extend to mythic” made me think you believed that normal/heroic BoEs were changed to BoP, but mythic BoEs were still possible, which is not what’s happening.

It’s worded very weirdly. It could mean either mythic will still drop BoEs the others will only drop BoP, or it could mean the opposite. (as evidenced by other people also reading the same thing as me lol).

I mean, It was pretty unambiguous.


Ignore the “would have been” bad wording.

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If the philosophy of this design is to restrict powerful items being traded for gold, what is the design philosophy for the new and extensive crafting system? Dungeon / raids are still the source of all real power despite the focus this expansion on crafting and trading?

I think that buying items with gold is totally legit and it should be viable.

Currently there’s absolutely nothing worth buying with gold and there will be even less when the season starts.

This is really lame for players who grind gold and want it to be useful. Like I said, there’s nothing to buy at all in WoW currently and that is really boring. There’s nothing to do with gold except buy flasks/phials/food/augment runes. Really really very lame.

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