An Update on Bind-on-Equip items from Vault of the Incarnates

Hey folks, wanted to update you all on Raid Rewards changes we talked about a while back in this post during Beta. Unfortunately, due to a technical limitation, we had to pull Bind-on-Equip items being deterministic drops from the raid, as well as scaling with group size. While we’re still very much interested in making this happen in a future raid, there were too many risks involved for it to make it into Vault of the Incarnates. With these reversions, this is how BoEs work in the raid:

  • Bind-on-Equip items can come from regular enemies and Lieutenants like before, but have a higher chance to appear from LTs/Minibosses.
  • Enemies before the first boss, Eranog (as in enemies that can be killed from the ‘Bombing Run’ event & the Miniboss present), cannot drop Bind-on-Equip items.
  • As mentioned last week, on Mythic Difficulty only, Bind-on-Equip items are Bind-on-Pickup - this is temporary, and these items will change back a few weeks into the season.

As for everything else, we’re eager for your feedback on how Group Loot, scaling item level rewards & unique item rewards feel while raiding in Dragonflight! Good luck taking down Raszageth, and we’ll talk soon.


Good stuff. Thank you.

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An update on BoE’s but it would have been a lot better if you had done the update before the raid opened and not after. Not like this was being fixed after you released the raid.
This problem should have been known about well before the raid opened.


Group loot is good for premade or guilds but not for pugs. Let us use both systems in conjuction, Blizzard. Both should work together.


Intriguing. As a software engineering architect, I really wonder what the technical limitations were. This challenges my notion that there is essentially a database that maps a mob id to its chance (modified by conditions, such as the extant functionality to scale with group size) to drop any given thing. I wonder what else is going on here that complicated things.


Why is it not good? You get the same shot at items as you do with PL and items not won are going to players you’ll never see again, just like PL.

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Because people will “need” on items that they actually won’t even use (for mogs or whatever) and sometimes win the roll over someone who really needed the piece of item.

PL, despite having a roll behind the scenes, protects people from trolls or selfish players.


PL automatically makes you roll need on stuff you may or may not need, how is that different? They participated in the kill, they’re entitled to a shot at the item, same as you, no matter the reason for needing, whether for enchanting materials or as you already pointed out, transmog.


We have frequent cases of players going away from a dungeon with 2 items while others receive 0. Same lucky person winning 2 rolls. PL this was not and will never be the case.


Stop pugging and that won’t matter anymore. Or you can keep complaining in an unrelated thread, beside, dungeons are still Personal Loot.

Great solution to a new issue ressurrected by Blizzard’s already proven and failed loot system.

Sorry but I will complain and provide my feedback wherever I want. My concern here is related to the topic.


It’s definitely not related.

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This post is funny because this exact thing happened to me and my healer during Halls of Infusion +0 last week. I got two items (plus one another player rolled off and I won the roll for) and she got nothing. Even though +0s are still running personal loot.


This isn’t the same as the old version though.


So you use PL in dungeons as being unlucky for some and then go on to say that PL does not have this effect? Pick a lane.

Your issue with Group Loot is that you FEEL like you are being robbed of your loot even though the only difference is you see the roll now.

PL the roll happened in the background based on the same NEED rules but it was automatic and you never saw it. Now you push a button and you see the roll. The effect is the same.

I have lost track of the amount of times I saw in LFR someone with better gear win a lower ilvl item they did not NEED because the game awarded it to them. Now the same thing happens but that person can press NEED.

All you can do is hope that maybe some people (not all) just some, will not need on it because they dont need it and increase your chances of getting it.

Some people will do it, I will but I will need on upgrades AND tmog because I NEED to finish that mog set. Once I have the item I will pass/ greed.

This system is the exact same as PL.

Yes, as far as the first week goes, group loot in pugs does not feel very good and is resulting in even less gear than before. There were many times duplicate items were dropped that nobody could use, and items such as neck/cloak that everyone rolls on regardless of their actual need or equipped gear. In other situations you have many people rolling for items to trade to their friends in raid.

I will reserve final thoughts for a couple weeks in, but at the moment I feel like going to the raid (outside of just the experience of it) just wasted my time.

Please keep an eye on how long it takes players to receive items in pugs and increase the number of drops if possible.

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You brought up probably the biggest argument against group loot that I didn’t even remembered until you mentioned.

Duplicates and useless items that can’t be used by anyone in the group are dropping now with group loot, where we don’t have this issue with personal loot. The sentiment when doing content with group loot is that we receive less items overall.

Hopefully, Blizzard said they are keeping an eye on that and they might increase the drops, we shall see how it will go.

I’ve been forced to group loot in mythic +0.

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Not being able to trade BOE’s across servers is a bit of a problem for Normal and Heroic PUGs. Tried to be cool and roll for it, but found we cannot trade across servers, unless it’s boss loot.


I agree the system is essentially the same. However, I would like to see them put in some kind of default pass on all loot for those who duck out while the roll is still happening. Nothing is more annoying than waiting to see who gets what at the end of the dungeon, but having to wait like 5 minutes on a roll from someone who isnt even present.