Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

I’m not sold on the right hand side
But the left hand side needs to happen


You made wild accusations about one discord you’re not a part of, while dragging another discord through the mud in the claim that the sole purpose of said discord is to “oppose” the discord you made wild claims about.

Basically what Somand said.


Still doesn’t prove Fenelon’s point. Stop putting words into my mouth.

These look really nice! OMG to be a Blood Knight with those red eyes!


I almost liked this again! lol
This is my new posting main. I’ll leave Starlagosa behind for now.


Look at that handsome Undead Red haired, Red eyed son of a gun.


He’s quite handsome.

I’m going to die of old age before my wow character can have tats and scars.


Game will shut down before I get red-eyes.


Seems like it. It’s not that I feel terrible about how my Belf looks now. But it’s kind of disappointing that most of what was given was tacky jewelry that I never wear. The only change I made was making my hair actually black instead of blue hue.


make us play evoker in blood elf form

This makes no sense if all the customization were available to all races then no one would look alike and most races have different and unique skeletons.

they should just copy past Kul Tirans with minor changes and make it an ogre

I’ll never have nice braids.

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I feel like this may have gotten buried under the avalanche of Dragonflight press, but I figured I’d post this here just in case anyone missed it.

It looks like already existing races have been put on the backburner until after Dragonflight at the latest. Thoughts?


The new drakthyr race is one example of customizations coming in Dragonflight. The race itself has two fully-customizable forms with more options than any other existing race in World of Warcraft.

Unfortunately, World of Warcraft is focusing on the vast customization options of the drakthyr, meaning existing races are unlikely to get new options during Dragonflight’s initial release, though it is still possible other customization options could come in a patch before or after the expansion. Feasel assured fans the WoW team knew how important character customization was to players, and encouraged players to continue giving feedback.


We’re well aware.

But we also realize that even when they move on to customizations we will get overlooked and underserved because there are no Blood Elf fans in the community council to be our voice.


There was a thread that did a good job at show casing on the CC actual communities.

But they folded their thread into a thread more focused on helfers (they literally shout out the HE community / role players and a sentiment in their thread was “why can’t all BE options go to VEs”) w a plethora of class locking restrictions, for example runic tattoos they list as locking to mages (something BE fans have wanted for ages will now under their OP be given to all races and locked to mages).

It’s a shame the thread that actually tried engaging w communities and was arguably vastly different was folded under this arguably worse off versioned OP.


Blizzard are foolish. Wasting resources on a new race when they should know full well their players interested in that sort of thing would rather they equal out and add more to their current races…

We’ve only been asking for two and a half years. (conservatively mind. Plenty of folk have been asking for more for half wows lifetime.)


Since Vanilla, people have been asking for some form of playable Dragonkin. If it had been some other random unheard of Race, I’d prolly agree but this is def a long, long, long requested type deal.

Though that’s not to say, should be no reason not to add more player customization to existing races.


Oh I’m not against the dragon race so much as the abandonment of an unfinished feature.

I was one of the folk interested in a dragon race actually.

They’re wasting their time giving it more options then every other race when they should be concerned making every race feel appropriately customizable.


Blizz is a small indie company plz understand.