Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

yea i mean high elves are blood elves. the last act of the queldorei was renaming the race sindorei just as liadrin says

and as elisande stated. modern ‘high elves’ are just political blood elves and that they would call themselves high elves is a joke


Agreed, they supported me when a very unhinged person attacked me outside of the forums. I’ll always appreciate that.

Also yeah. This obsession with painting the discord badly is yikes. It really wasn’t a cool thing to say. It should be called out as bad. I didn’t think it looked like a joke.

That said, they didn’t go through with the threat, so at least there’s that. It just would have been better if it was never said in the first place, but here we are. Suggestions are on the CC despite said quote.

And yeah, there’s also plenty in LoQ interested in the options we bring up too, I’m sure.


The discord really lives rent free in their heads.


We need to start charging rent

I don’t make appearances w/o charging a fee


Sure, they need to pay me in blood, though. Naturally. (This is a vampire joke)


That’s a weird way to spell “Anti-Blood Elf Community.”


Let’s not forget about High Elves a highly wanted race since 2004. Void Elves, Blood Elves now we just need High Elves and obviously remove blue eyes from Blood Elf’s and Void Elf’s what a insult that was to lore…

Sir, this is a Wendy’s serve thru.

Also, you don’t pluralize things with apostrophe s, ever, under any circumstances.

Also, this thread is for blood elves only not boring human waifu elves. There’s a million other threads for that. This thread is the Blood Elf thread.


The LoQ discord does not organize any sort of forum activity as that is against our rules.

We kindly ask you not to post on our behalf. Thank you.


Nice collection.

You could save some space by consolidating curtain images together in one image.

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Thank you, actually I’m working on that over the next few days.

I was going to use your setup as a guide for it actually.

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THen all my work was not for nothing.

I get to turn into dust and blow away into the wind a little sooner…

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I’ve been thinking about the loss of uniqueness the Blood Elves had because of Void Elves that wants to RP as High Elves, and had an idea: Should Blizzard ‘twist’ the skeleton of one of the races, so they get different stances? maybe some new animations as well?

RP wise I’m a bit bummed that Void Elves are just a carbon copy of Blood Elves now, I would definitely love something to distinguish the races - whether it being tattoos/scars (the VE’s would probably spam the forums until they’d get it too, lol) or actual noticeable difference in animation/stances like Night Borne and Night Elves

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They could mirror the mesh and bones and controls for some things. Mirror command exists in most major 3D software.

We could give the void elves tentacles for limbs.


They shoulda just done what they did for Kul Tirans and made them a bit different a little larger


We no longer do jokes around here. They don’t translate well when put thru Google Translate before being posted on the forums.


Thought I’d do a compilation of some of my mockups in one image, so it can fit into posts more easily.


I did NOT post on LoQ’s behalf. I simply invited her to the discord. :blush:

I love my void elf
Hands off lol