Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

Welcome back Reno!


I’ve been here the whole time…


Not really.


I said it before and I’ll say it again, but giving male blood elf and human female models the pandaren treatment was NOT on my New Expac Bingo.

You’ve been here in our hearts. lol

Now go get your boots.


I tried but I forgot how to navigate Revendreth and tumbled down a ruined… ruin.

But don’t worry, I did a super hero landing and was a-ok.


Actual footage of Reno, moments after his triumphant landing:


Nailed it.


I’m out of likes and the phone doesn’t want me to be Classic Sledge or the alts, but consider spiritual likes reparted according to my predilections (jokes, being kind, shinies for everyone).

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I get this with my internet browser sometimes. It locks me to my Classic account only, and I can’t switch.

Only way I can clear it is to logout, clear my cookies, internet files, browser history, all that jazz, then relog and I’ll still be on the Classic character, but then I can switch.

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I’m torn. On one hand I already RP a Blood Elf that is a disguised bronze so my guy being able to look like my guy still is neat.

On the other hand this is the second time my particular avatar model has by made available to the other faction and that is very slightly annoying.

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I’m gunna use it as my excuse to smuggle an Alterac human Redside with a mog that hides dragony bits.

Though not being able to tank is a near-personal affront.

sure you did

We’ve seen multiple examples of Paladins pulling power from things other than the Light - Tauren pull it from An’she, and Zandalari pull it from the Loa.

i just love this persons logic. there are many ways to worship the light. i dont get how people dont understand this

void elf paladins have far more in the way preventing them from being a light wielder then hair color

Before life began and before even the universe existed, there was only the Light… Yet as the ever-shifting sea expanded, pockets of cold nothingness appeared. From these, the Void was born. The Void quickly grew and began to move against the Light. Eventually, the mounting tension between the two forces ignited a series of explosions that ruptured the very fabric of creation, giving birth to the physical universe.[14]…The energies released from the clash between Light and Void raged across the nascent universe, forming countless primordial worlds.

these 2 magics literally repel each other and you think an elfs body can contain that


I’m out of likes, but I like this.

Children should never be given any form of authority or roles of representation.


Don’t bother, Maizou! Some of those ‘‘anti-high elf’’ people have bundled together into a discord as to start a crusade against anyone who dares express themselves inside the game. We, the quel’dorei and ren’dorei community, stand with YOU and we are very grateful for your work to help this wide group that has been severely under-represented since the game launched in 2004

Opposing the hateful discord they have created, we have the Legacy of the Quel’dorei discord which is open to anyone who’d like to discuss the quel’dorei cause, we would be grateful to have you there!


that discord name doesnt even make sense


Are you okay?


Blood Elves are High Elves and the inheritors of that legacy


Please stop with these weird lies about the Discord. It’s just a place for people to chill and talk about stuff, that happened to be formed by people who aren’t on board with Alliance high elves.

Opposing something doesn’t make someone inherently toxic. Please don’t drag the LoQ Discord through the mud with your weird take on antis.



No, not anti-high elf at all and I don’t belong in anyone’s discord. The discords I do join are for guilds I’m in and they don’t care about Belves/Helves or anything.

There’s a lot of issues going on here that also do not belong on the CC, or this thread.


This is easily a top 5 Cringe quote of 2022