Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

Your actions make it very clear that you’re Anti-Blood Elf.


I think it’s been quite clear the trend overall in the community, not just here but on social media that a lot of players want to see some removal of old restrictions.

Whether it be class, faction, transmog, etc. People see their characters in a much more faceted way than Blizz initially imagined.

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Please, show me the class that can use sword/shield, 2h sword, and has mana. I’m sure you know which one that is. Again, it’s implications. Not directly stating.

And the only blood elf druid died in Botanica with all of his students. If you have evidence any form of his research survived outside of the dungeon, feel free to share it.

There’s many bosses that have unused combinations but they’re the one-off of them, and they die. Nightborne Druids in the Nighthold, for instance. But without evidence or even remote implications any of their research survived, that’s what they are - one-offs.

No. No they don’t.


I’ll say it again: All NPCS generate mana instead of rage or energy.

The only NPC riftblade that fights uses warrior abilities.


I hate with a passion that transmog is still restricted.

Like, my Lightforged Heritage armor is CLEARLY plate armor, why can my priest use it? My Zandalari heritage is very obvious cloth, why can a paladin use it? Etc.

Like… it makes zero sense anymore.

And I’ve made it clear in other posts I don’t believe factions should be a thing anymore outside of War Mode. If anything, it’s hampering WoW’s development and playerbase.

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I’ll say it again - implications. Look it up.

Also, Thrall only uses warrior skills in the Maw intro.

I guess we should just delete the shaman class cause they’re all just warriors now.


The difference is that Thrall has evidence of being a shaman throughout the entire game and is a faction leader. Faction leaders are multiple classes in one. This is a known fact. These are foot soldier NPCS. Nice try.

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I wish I could give you all of my likes for the day because this post hit the nail on the head. :100: :100: :100:


NPCs have been merged classes for years. They never are just what we can select on the character menu.

Died or not doesn’t matter. They killed off all San’layn and now we are fighting one. The lore is what they make it.

And again, players as we present ourselves are not in lore. A hero is, so none of that really matters.

If they want Velf Pallys they’ll do it. If they want to open up Shaman and Druid to more races they’ll do that. If they want more demon hunters than just elves, it’s only a training scenario away from that being possible.

None of these things are impossible.

But if you can imagine that sword and board plus mana means Pally despite that not being stated, even despite NPCs getting special treatment, then people should be able to use the three examples for Belves as well. It’s all pretty equal.

And if Blizz wants some of that or none of that, they’ll decide.


Tensions are running a bit high in here, so I’m just going to note that everyone is entitled to their opinions and one person’s opinions might be different from another and that doesn’t make them a bad person. I mean, there are some opinions that are just bad, but not so much on options for cartoon elves.

Though I’ll admit I’m pretty agnostic on new classes for blood elves, I won’t deny they could be justified… and in even in races with a plethora of classes (which blood elves are), some new choices might be fun.

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Except it also shows that Blizzard uses warrior skills for the “Default” when they use npcs in things.

Thrall can’t access the elements in the Maw, so he uses warrior skills.

Warrior skills are the default. Because they’re literally just hit things with your weapon.


That’s because Warriors are amazing.

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Because he is also a warrior. He used to be a gladiator. More lore ignoring?

You mention the riftbladers with mana bars - the one that aren’t able to enter combat. You have random npc all of the game with mana bars, who aren’t attackable either.
Again you conveniently ignore the actual named riftblade NPC, who can enter combat, and uses Warrior abilities - you constantetly leave out info that interferes with your point, and have done so multiple times in just your last 10-15 posts on this thread.

Also your bias clearly shows in how you are weighting the ‘evidence’ → to you, riftblade NPC’s who might be paladins is a legit justification for Void Elf Paladins, but actual Blood Elf Druid NPCs doesn’t qualify because they were slaughtered. You automatically rule out the possible existence of more of them, because it won’t fit your extremely biased (imo) narrative.

  1. There’s nothing saying that all his students were there and were killed.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything saying that we killed everyone there and didn’t take prisoners. Do you have sources on this? If you have any evidence his research didn’t survive, feel free to prove it.

  3. Does it even matter if they are all dead? I highly doubt it was a unique idea.

  4. You keep talking about one token void elf in Paladin armor and talking about mana. It’s like, are you mister fantastic because that a huge reach. If you have any real evidence that he’s a paladin (Paladins use the light/holy magic) please feel free to provide them.

The explain the constant Anti-Belf posts and your reasonless and malicious disinclusion of Blood Elves from your thread.


It’s crazy to be even discussing lore like it’s in some never changing state and never includes retcons or anything. That’s so odd. Like the lore never had Dracthyr, but guess what now? lol.

Even if there is no evidence for somethings that doesn’t mean there cannot ever be. It’s not even that there never was. It’s insanity.


exactly. void elves were literally made out of thin air for these people.

it’s just spite. I maintain the position that the comment about san’layn 100% was not a joke.


I have stated multiple times they were not included because there is no in-game explanation for the 2 classes they do not have. I added Shaman, if you paid attention, when someone posted a High Elf who has been studying the elements. However, not one of you has posted a single NPC that supports druids other than the one druid in Botanica we killed. Do you realize how many race/class combos could be justified by one-off dungeon/raid bosses? Things like Draenei Warlock, Nightborne Druid, etc. No. They died. Unless you have a living NPC, I’m not personally adding it.

You can ask another CC member to post it, but I don’t see dead NPCs as evidence they currently exist.

However, if you look at that thread in CC, there’s currently a CC member saying no new combos should be added at all, so not sure how well you’d get with that.

You conveniently ignore the fact he doesnt have a mana bar. Unlike the two NPCs next to him.

Which means Blizzard went out of their way to remove the mana bar.

A title can mean more than one class. Tyrande is a hunter/priest, yet she’s a Priestess, for instance.


Nothing like a CC proving the points being made.


It looks like you included Forsaken just because you wanted to appear fair minded. lol