Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

If you think void elf paladins have a lore basis and blood elf druids don’t, you don’t really know much about lore.

So we should just be quiet and not criticize your hatre driven exclusion of blood elves and your agenda to further hurt us because you might punish other people?

How benevolent you are.


And in Botanica. That is evidence. You have none for Velf Pallys.

Yes, you open them up to other races. People have requested that a lot as well.

It’s not evidence TO YOU. Which shows your bias. Because you have none for Velf Pallys.

And really no player character is lore how they are presented, named etc. None. There is A hero. It never says what that hero looks like, what they are named anything.

So why does it have to follow lore? Lore is forgotten for other features in the game. Including customizations.


I’m glad that Blizzard doesn’t just pull feedback from the CC. This shows that it’s very easy for players to become power hungry with very little extra given to them in importance.


Ugh. Is there?

I haven’t been looking of late so I’ve not seen that.

Only been getting links from friends/threads.

But like you know these communities, you had to know that excluding the most requested blood elf class while adding the most requested of the associated AR would probably go badly.


Posted in the other thread:

People need to understand what a joke is, done to show how ridiculous it is to attack someone for their thoughts.

I’m under zero obligation to post other people’s thoughts, but I have stated many times I am willing to. But if people attack me, then yes, I’m going to point out it’s just as easy not to post other people’s thoughts. (Though as I said later, I’m not going to scrap the work that’s already gone into the thread just because 2 people decide to be jerks)

And that joke was in response to these posts:

They were not simply pointing out an issue with it. They were outright going after me, and accusing me of “pushing an agenda.” and the second post completely ignored the part of the post where I explain they would channel the void, not the light.

If you’re going to give feedback about a post READ THE POST.

If you think that there’s something wrong with making a joke to make them understand, then that’s your problem and you’re only willing to see one side of the story.


On the Shaman side, there’s a weak connection via Earthcallar Franzahl, a neutral high elf said to be studying the elements. I suppose he could be a link to Shaman for blood elves and/or void elves. I can see the elements being weary of void wielding beings though.


It’s because it wasn’t a joke. You could at least be honest.

Even Blizz stated in their interviews that the CC is partially a bridge to get what the community wants. You aren’t the community and exercising abuse of power here, then calling it a joke when called out.

Calling out the bias is not going after you. You can simply state you just want things for Velves despite the lore.


Thank you. I had no idea that NPC existed.

I wouldn’t want Void Elf shaman or druid. Makes zero sense. I can’t imagine the Loa would let a void being use their power. And I already cringe at goblin shaman essentially enslaving the elements. :confused:

As I said in the post, void elf paladins would make sense if they drew from the void - which has been established they can draw from sources other than the light.

See, now I’m curious - if I add Blood Elf shaman to the thread using this NPC, how many people here will continue to attack me for not listing druid?


It’s real simple I don’t believe you. Especially since you are starting to double down and defend it anyways:


They’ll ignore it anyway. Then say you never showed proof. Then tell everyone we don’t know how to take jokes. Their avatar is right next to the definition for gaslighting.


Technically they make a deal with them, but yeah it seems off to me too.

Do it and find out.


It’s a joke though, get it? It has no punchline. Maybe the joke is the council all along.


And then even when she is proven wrong she tries to victimize herself. She wants us to kiss the ground she walks on for not being a hypocrite and going back on her word. Like what?

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I’d respect it if they’d just say they just want to make requests for themselves and not the community. If they only want things for Velves that’s out of lore, that’d at least make sense to their behavior.


I don’t want to play a void elf paladin. I have a Dark Iron, a Human, and a Lightforged one. I don’t need or want a 4th.

The entire point of the thread was adding things that are either established or implied, and like it or not, while those riftblade NPCs have mana - it implies they are paladins.

Added it. Now gnomes are the sole lonely race. :sob: Poor gnomes. Always getting the short end of the stick.


Gnomes could’ve learned Paladins from Dwarves maybe?

Or the Tinker skin for Druids since you’re going with the class skins route.


“i WaS jUsT jOkInG.”

Sure Jan. It’s not like that’s the cry of every bully and hateful person ever.

Unless we play Horde, and especially Blood Elves in which case you’re going to intentionally disinclude us because you hate us.


:roll_eyes: Please, tell me where I have ever once stated I hate blood elf/players.

I’ll wait, search my 9000 posts. You won’t find it.


NPCS only generate mana. Blizzard doesn’t use rage or energy for NPCS.


You imply that, Blizz has not. And Blizz has had Belf Druids and a Shaman. Sure they make up like three people, but that’s still evidence that you asked for.

To me, I feel like corrupted Paladins at all would all be cool. We already have DKs. But so would spreading out who can be druids and shaman.

Blizz has also discussed in future expacs possibly making Dracthyr able to be other classes. They seem open to the idea of allowing players to look and play to their fantasy.

And I’m sure there will be some limitations. But the idea isn’t being shuttered by them.

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