Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

I guess I’ll be using this Pally Hall mount with that mog.

It doesn’t exactly go with it, but it’s close I guess. I’d rather a black steed or black epic looking Hawkstrider. Something near the Vicious Warstrider but different color theme.


If I manage to get my Belf pally to 60 before ptr ends I’m gonna report it as a bug that they’re not golden. (less a bug and more a suggestion of course.)

I could live with blue but it feels lazy not to have the gems be gold.

All of this!

Farstriders, magisters and blood knights are three main focus’ of their race but they’ve also several other possible options blizzard could bring more forefront.

The Dark Animus Golems and the mages that tend to them. Blood mages. It’d be nice to see a resurgence of the spellbreakers.

(I have a headcanon that the Orgrimmar portal guards were trained by Spellbreakers.)

I very much want some lore for several of the options for many races at this point but definitely in the cases where a subrace is added through that method.

Love the light and fire/Phoenix theme concepts I’ve seen.

All of this.


I once reported every quest involving Nathanos as “bugged” because there was a guy with a Sylvanas plushie shoved up his butt.

I think you’ll be ok if they haven’t removed my access yet.

I know I showed one just a bit ago but…

Both by Somand.

Either would be an improvement.


Definite improvement and what I’d prefer. But with us just getting the green Hawkstrider, I have my doubts they’ll do anything about the Pally mount soon.


Yes, this so much.
Leveling my first Blood Elf, magic seemed to be so upfront and I really miss that.


I definitely am not a fan of light stuff (think I’ve made that clear) regardless of the mockups and oppose blood elf light themes heavily (unless we get a lot in a different theme first). It just seems like people are trying to turn them even more into ‘light worshipping humans’ and Lightforged Draenei.

If the ‘light theme’ was phoenix stuff, though, I’d be fine with it, because that’d feel uniquely blood elf rather than just a ‘let’s be a mary sue version of void elves and not be anything original since Lightforged Draenei already completely cover that in-your-face-preachy’ theme.

I really abhor how far Blood Elves have stepped away from being unique and interesting, and how it feels like some folks want to turn them into mock light-obsessed humans, no different from high elves some folks on the alliance obsess over due to this really, really offputting and weird obsession with ‘purity’ people are stuck on.


I’m going to check to see if I have the ptr installed and possibly get in there and do it myself…


Yeah I more or less feel the same.

Light themes for blood elves should feel blood Elven.

I definitely don’t want to see them just become opposite to Void elves and I do not like how human light worshipping they’ve veered.

I miss the days when my blood elves took the light for themselves. It abandoned them. Why should they revere it?


Yeah for Paladins I’m ok with some of the light themes. It fits Farstriders to not be dark. But most themes for Belves should be darker.

Even Danuser has stated that the worshipping the light stuff is only for those that have taken up the light. That all Belves have not.

But I feel like also in story and with races, they don’t do darker themes very well. They either make people outright villains or make them squeaky clean. They need to get better at the gray area.


Yea I prefer darker more gritty belves over light worship goody two shoes, I hope blizzard gets back to that.


This is why I’m such a big supporter of Blood Elves getting customizations like San’layn, Dark Rangers and Felbloods for Blood Elves rather than the Light stuff so many people try to push on us, not that I’m completely against Light options for those who really want it but I’d rather get all 4 of the above in a case like that instead of just the Light ones.


Agreed, I support all options together for sure. Still think phoenix stuff would be really neat as well (or as the ‘light’ stuff). I really hope we see good things for blood elves.

We’ll know in a week and a day what the next expansion brings, at least. I sincerely hope they notice the ideas and passion of the community and listen to us.


I’m supportive of the Phoenix stuff as well, I have really liked what I have seen when people have shown stuff, whether Blizzard would actually put in the time or effort for that kind of stuff unless it’s the basic stuff is unknown but it’s been neat. Then again I’m all for lots of stuff for Blood Elves so I’d take it all given the chance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww I love your new mog!


Thank you! :hugs:
Miss my flower crown but thought I should try something different.


I wear the glasses almost exclusively now!


I’m partial to the hood around the neck on my Hunters. Closest I can get to looking like I’m actually wearing a full cloak.


The glasses look awesome on Avarie. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I definitely do not want to see all the Blood Elves become like Lady Liadrin who their dialog sounds like Human Paladin RP.

And it’s starting to be the main thing Blizzard focuses on anymore.

Trying to directly make them direct opposites to Void Elves is not going to help them build any identity their own. It’s just going to turn them into a different colored mirror. (Light Tentacles, Light Wings)

If light themes come it should be part of an overarching “Magic” theme like Runes or something uniquely Blood Elven, like Phoenixes.

The slow transformation of Elves in WoW into humans with pointy ears is not a good thing by any stretch.

The WC3 and TBC era Blood Elves are starting to become a memory as Blizzard moves them away from their Dark/Gritty/Edgy origins.


It definitely made them a more unique and interesting paladin group.

Here’s hoping.


Tbf I’m in favour of that stuff not so much because it should take over, but because it already exists as a niche and could use expansion as long as it wasn’t considered the default.


I think my issue is and this to be clear isn’t you, but a lot of Alliance HE fans legitimately from what I have seen despite not really always saying as much on the forums, but view Blood Elves as some weird invasive group of elves that stole Quel’thalas from them.

They have like this weird idea that BEs weren’t supposed to be playable but a villain race on OL only or part of some third faction. And those same people that push that love to push the darker themes on BEs. So I am a bit hesitant to want the idea of BEs you’re referencing, I like the Sunwell is restored, it re validates that story that solidifies what we already know but so many are bothered by that Blood Elves are High Elves.

That being said I’m not opposed as you know to darker secondary theme options, like something coming in the form of a second visually distinct theme, but I would personally view it as the secondary theme not so much of any comment on the main BE theme.

Idk if that makes sense but I hope I kinda tried to elaborate