Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

Realized I failed to comment on this after I read Zan’s post.

I do like the idea of the felblood returning home after.

Exactly this.

I could be wrong, but I remember hearing that MW was intended to be ranged, and that fistweaving existing was an accident.

I also remember Blizzard going out of their way to remove fistweaving from the game at one point, but adding it back as a talent when people who enjoyed it were upset.

That sounds neat, but impossible to balance. Tanks need to backpedal. How do you make the pet backpedal? I just can’t see a pet having the precision of movement a tank needs to be effective.



It’s actually the main way to play right now as well. The problem is that MW mana is essentially a phone on 10% battery.

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Your abilities determine the movement of the “pet” rather than what hunters, warlocks, mages, shaman and DKs utilize. It would be a very different pet type spec than the ones we currently have.

Your other abilities also summon temporary minions that facilitate cleaves and aoe disorients or taunts/aggro retention.

Health pool is of course shared between the “pet” and Necromancer and one of the spec components increases mitigation and defense with increased health pool.

As far as I understand it, you need the precision of WASD and a mouse for proper movement, so abilities for repositioning wouldn’t cut it. The only way I can see it working is if you were controlling the pet directly like with Eyes of the Beast.

Vaelian’s suggestion of playing as the pet while your character functions like a pet comes to mind, but that would essentially just be a form like Druid’s bear, but with a different thematic and a pet you can mog.


That was still one of the worst things I’ve seen on these forums w such intent behind it.

I personally as you know dislike them but I recognize visually they would be a distinct new set of options that parallel the deal VEs got so I support them

I saw this post in this random thread that gets bumped on the forums and I feel its kind of a good point like Felblood elves could be that parallel.


Speak for yoursElf. I am.

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This better to be Elves than Elvis.

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My Pally on the PTR:

Spoilers about the quests:


I liked most of it, except the race in Bastion. I felt that was wildly out of place with the seriousness of the storyline and did not fit at all.


I’m not even sorry but I really love this armor I’m glad we got the whole set (obviously)

I know some people weren’t the biggest fans of it but I love it


Yeah same. I love the Blood Knight look and am happy to have an updated armor. Now if Belf Pallys could get an updated mount. The Legion hall ones do not have Belf colors and don’t match. The old Pally mount is looking so ancient these days.


They need gold gems instead of blue.

I entirely agree with this.

I like this one the best.

Hey I know that handsome elf!

Kinda agree with him.


I’d have preferred gold gems instead of blue. But for some reason it still works for me. It still looks nice.


I think it’d be nice if they extended Blood Elves magic theme a bit more. I’d imagine it is still a large part of their culture, the light obviously got integrated into that but it feels almost forgotten in recent years that they are also the OG mages lorewise.


Oh yeah wanted to dip in here and repeat that I fully support the notion of felblood elf customization and would adore if the lore was expanded for them. I’d use that customization on several of my elves ^^

That and/or phoenix themes.


Felblood feels like an easy answer to a whole lotta problems that giving void elves the option to look exactly like belves as well. Since it’s an entirely unique theme that only they will have. Could also be achieved with DR or San’layn :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a summary of the “Subrace” options for blood elves.

Racial identity options

  • Dark Ranger Themed Options. (Red Eyes, Pale/Undead Faces & Skins, and Dark Ranger Makeup.)
  • San’layn Themed Options. (Fangs, Claws, Batlike Ears, and Pale/Undead Faces & Skins)
  • Felblood Elf Themed Options. (Fel Tainted Skin and Potentially Horns/Claws.)
    These Subrace options could be added through a quest like Nightwarrior options for Night Elves where.

These would open up a LOT of new stories and options for Blood Elf characters.


You should be able to report the pieces as being bugged and point out that blue isn’t a belf color or whatever and maybe someone might see it and check.

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I did report the set as bugged, but not for appearance. Right now the cape won’t transmog.

They might revoke my access if I reported the look as a bug lol. I can give feedback in general about thoughts.


I highly doubt they will. I’m pretty sure I have reported things like that in the past. I think I reported the heritage armor for having blue gems originally as well.

If you report it and they don’t agree they won’t fix it but the whole point of the ptr and beta realms are to get feedback and bug reports.

I think making a lot of big reports on things is what caused me to get beta invites to every blizzard product since legion.