BFA vs Classic

This video review is actually really interesting, it’s not what you maybe thinking it is. He’s reviewing the game state and the present development of it.


the video goes too slow for my attention span, doesn’t seem like bad content though.

Is this a reaction video to a Q&A? Why do I care about a streamers opinion?


What game is playing in the background?

The commentator is an original Vanilla Developer.


Hmm. May watch it then. Gotta finish Classic Cast first :rofl:


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Why is Lore even in these Q&As giving his 2 cents?
edit: I mean, beyond being a yes-man sidekick.


I rather like this guy, he’s TRULY a game designer and really understands what makes for good game play.


Around the 35 minute mark is pretty spot on.


It’s so concise while so ruthless… I am in love.

Kevin Jordan personally played a BIG part in the design of classes in Vanilla that we all love.

Something that baffles me about Ion is he should be a little more like Jeff Kaplan and Alex Afrasiabi. A former hardcore player who ran an extremely popular theorycrafting and hardcore player fan site.

To me this is like Sco (from Method) being hired and making everything but the one raid difficulty he cares about a super dumbed down snooze fest.


Gets better and better after 35 minutes.


Actual players will not go anywhere, rather after the release of the classics and the realization by many that not everything is so cool and convenient compared to the current version, many who have not even played at the moment in the actual version will go to see it, since they have already paid for the subscription.
Over the years WOW, unlike other competitors developed and did everything for the convenience of players


BFA is much more casual-friendly than Vanilla was.


  • there is lots more ways to gear up, such as WQs, mythic+, LFR, etc.
  • you can still see all the raid content and storyline in “tourist mode” (LFR).
  • Dungeon and Quest finder makes finding groups for dungeons or quests a breeze.
  • leveling is extremely fast and painless. Things die fast and there is almost no risk of death.
  • Quests are mindless since the map shows you where to go next. No need to even read the quest text.
  • instant teleport to dungeons. No need to unlock dungeons or find their entrances.

In Vanilla:

  • you had to actually go out and meet people to get groups. There was no dungeon finder to automate the task for you.
  • just one difficulty level for raids. If you were a casual player, you’d never see the final raids or experience the end of the storyline.
  • No map help for quests. Can’t find the quest objective and you’ll have to download a coordinate mod and then look it up online.
  • Leveling is slow and painful. There are times when you simply run out of quests and the only option for getting over these humps is to mindlessly grind mobs to get enough levels to unlock the next quest hub, or run dungeons.

The only area where Vanilla was more casual-friendly than Retail is in DPS rotations. They were much simpler in Vanilla than they are in Retail. Many classes literally just spammed one-button. That isn’t the case for any class in Retail today.

I suspect a lot of players with experience in Retail will be shocked at how casual-unfriendly Classic is. Many of those players will be turned off to Classic and return to Retail.



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1:04:15 Ion and Lore begin to show just how out of touch they truly are on the subject of fun.


Unless they were bad, no they didn’t.


This clearly highlights the problem with the attitude of the devs since WoD, if the players don’t like something it’s their fault, it can’t possibly be because we designed something wrong.


@56 min

“You don’t have much control over your primary; your primary goes up as the item level goes up”

That’s such a horrible design it’s not even funny funny when I hear it over and over again…

I just agreed with and upvoted Ziryus… This is a strange day.