Alterac Valley in Classic

Watch closely Blizzard at how people will be loving this pvp aspect of the game, with pvp currency and pvp gear being so important to some of the player base.

maybe even consider bringing it back

Really? Acting like this statement killed the 1.5 AV argument?..

If you think this is the kill blow to 1.5 AV then you are only thinking with a biased mindset. Like. . . seriously?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it, it obviously goes against the 1.5 AV argument, that’s for sure, but Blizzard restating basics to try and steer the conversation is only a reaffirmation that they want to avoid doing 1.5 AV.

In fact by not addressing the supposed issue of lost data and instead focusing on “take the pressure off players to be constantly figuring out what we might do next” that could actually help increase the assumption that the data was not lost.

The statement comes off as “Hey lets not talk about this because we want to do it the other way”. That makes me feel like the stated post for 1.12 AV here is their strongest argument and that they just don’t want to go through the work of 1.5 AV.

To be frank, if anything this statement has empowered my PoV in arguing FOR 1.5 AV.

Edit: INB4 “That was a “putting it to rest” statement”.
Yeah they tried that with WoD having no flying.


I am convinced at this point (having watched the Q&A video that had commentary by the vanilla dev) that the “clarity” that was spoken of is Ion and company seeing participation as metric for “fun”. Which is so very not how the game works currently, nor is it how the final iteration of vanilla AV was.


Do you really think they are that stupid? These people are the face of a giant company, I really think they’re smarter than that. They may see participation as a metric for profit, but nobody with a brain would see participation equaling fun without some outside influence.

In the corporate world, anything is possible, especially when you have to answer to investors and get used to talking in language that they understand. It becomes second nature over time.

The state of BfA kind of points to them having lost their way in terms of game design: they don’t seem to understand what is really fun about an MMO.


Watch the Q&A that was posted recently with the commentary from the vanilla dev. It speaks volumes about their philosophy about “fun”.


Ion is the former Guild Leader of Elitist Jerks, where “fun” was a 4 letter word.

They’re highlighting in that in the 8.2 Q&A recently, he absolutely failed to define what he finds fun, and instead talked about how they use metrics to determine what people want to do.


The same company that relies on RNG and weekly chests for gearing for current game, rinse and repeat world quests for reputation grinds and that making a new race is equivalent to keeping everything going.

Sadly I am not surprised by much anymore.


Have you watched the video yet?

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I’ll basically quit and go to a private server again, one that has 1.5 and then start the whole complaint for a “Real Vanilla Server” in their retail game and drive all the current customers away again if I have to haha.

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EDIT: I found it. Thats a shame. I would have liked to experience the longer AV.

My time in Vanilla was short, I believe I only played for a year or so before TBC hit.

Found the history here.

http s://

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Unstickied, seriously?


You can direct link to blizzard pages.


It’s been unpinned. I know that means nothing but I’m going to pretend it means they’re making room for hot juicy news posts today.

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The thing is, I am sure some people working on Classic agree that 1.5 or 1.8 versions are way better.
But as we can see recently in many gaming studios, the management of the studios are absolutely terrible and completely detached from the customers, it is screwing up the games.


This is Blizzard’s way of addressing this issue with out addressing the issue at all… They would rather move on and avoid stirring up fans of 1.5-1.8AV any further. Now they want this topic to quietly go away.


Good luck with that, Blizzard. This topic isn’t going anywhere.


The topic existed and has persisted since the nerfs began during vanilla. It is not going anywhere.


Even if it loses prominence in the coming months, it’ll flair right back up when phase 3 launches.


And the answer has been the same since vanilla, 1.5 AV just wasn’t that good.