BfA Experience Changed

It might be premature to announce this, but I’ve noticed that none of the Pet Battle dailies in BfA are viable experience for leveling pets.


I think this happened in legion as well, didn’t it? Tamers were good for leveling at the start and then took a nerf so it was back to Wod and Panda tamers for leveling

edit: it’s probably because we can now challenge them over and over again for the family battler achievement

This was an intentional change.

With the new Family Battler achievement, we changed all of the Kul Tiras and Zandalar trainers to allow them to be battled at any time. This makes it so that players can complete the achievement at their leisure, rather than having to wait for a specific World Quest to become available.

At the same time, we increased the chance for pet leveling stones to be a World Quest reward, and reduced the chance of both battle pet bandages and War Resources to show up as potential rewards from pet battle World Quests.


Why are patch notes lacking this information? Players do not know what is a bug and what is intended.


I’d suggest a compromise (that I understand may be impossible to implement): nerf the XP when the trainer is accessed outside of a WQ, but leave it where it was when the trainer is accessed during a WQ.

As it stands, this is a significant nerf to the rewards of pet battle WQs, since leveling a pet (often 6-8 levels) in addition to the other rewards was a pretty strong incentive to do them.

If it’s going to be left in place, please consider a larger reward of non-family training stones (6-8, or a couple felstones) to compensate. Simply increasing the chances for the same number of stones as before doesn’t really compensate for anything.


Does this also change the rate of Polished Pet Charm rewards from the world quest to be more or less frequent?

Please consider putting experience back where it was, but limit the battler to fight once per day. This will allow the regulars to get their exp and the achievement people to get their achievement. Limiting the fight to once per day, will prevent crazy leveling.


way to break something that was not broken.


Can’t you have it provide normal xp while the WQ is up, but not complete? Seems like a better option.

It doesn’t help you guys already hurt pet leveling in BfA with the pet charm change. You could buy ton of bags for level up items every day before, and now, you have just the slow trickle of new pet charms(which you have to save for new pets still anyway).

That isn’t even mentioning the previous nerf to leveling with the cut of garrison pet charm income in Legion.

Pets keep getting added and leveling options get cut more and more.


Personally I’m very happy about this change. The pet battle world quests were terrible for leveling pets to begin with. And, with more leveling stones offered, I’m a happy camper. Perhaps I’ll finally get to all 970ish of my pets to 25 now. And I can get my achievement nice and fast too, unlike the last time. So thrilled about that aspect ^^


yes world quests should still give “normal” exp. after that making it low seems like a good idea.

Blizzard keeps telling us that we shouldn’t have to feel like it’s necessary to do old game content, tghen they do stuff like this that forces us to do old content.

there were too many pet battles in BfA that gave low exp before this patch. Now forget it.

FYI if i can level a pet from 1 to 9-11 before 8.1, then 3-4 pet level stones isn’t even a close comparison. Especially when they are specific family ones that I may or may not need/want.

Not everyone may want to do the family battle stuff. or not at this time anyway.


quests that gave 2.8k or more are not close to a few stones. it will take you far longer to level pets getting 100-200 exp, sometimes getting 3-4 levels from stones.


I have better things to do than waste time with the experience, I’d rather have stones. I grind out experience when squirt shows up on a pet battle week, in bulk. Stones and charms have much more value to me. I can go on my alt 120s and nab those stones too, I’d rather breeze through battles to get my stones and move on than rely on my level 1 not dying.


getting into pet battling for the first time was the only thing keeping me going in this xpac…

I put my son down at 1030 every night, that gives me about 2 hours to play a day. Now, I have to do my WQ for the charms, AND do a panda loop for the same rewards I’ve been getting all xpac. believe it or not i dont WANT to do a panda loop every single day (if they even worked any more.)

Mission accomplished, fun removed


I think you were really missing out. Set the 2 pet teams in the Rematch addon, set the leveling prefs, queue the pets to level and it does it all the same as normal match with little to no problems(basically the same problems you get usually from RNG).

The problem isn’t just a little xp though. You don’t just lose the xp on the day you get stones instead of the resources/bandages. You also lose all the xp on the days it is all of the other items including normal stone-dropping quests as well. Plus the choice of leveling what you want.

Also, as an additional general comment on this, while not a big deal for most people, I also liked having a small stream of resources too, but whatev.

Huh? What’s a Rematch addon? I only have the pet battle teams addon. I just know I’m really happy about more leveling stones, and the fact that I can grind that achievement without having to wait for the WQ to be up. From my experience in Legion, I couldn’t level pets at all, the exp was terrible (from Legion trainers, I mean). I figured it carried over to BfA, which is why I am confused as to why there’s a big deal right now.

I highly recommend the Rematch addon. It is basically the same as the Pet Battle Master one I think you are talking about(I used it too), but adds so much more functionality, like nice sorting options, auto-team loading on target, leveling queues, notes on certain battles, etc. Plus it puts the consumables and hat right in the UI so you don’t forget.

As for the xp thing, when you battle an actual trainer, you get good xp(3-4k). When it is a single pet, like the Argus battles, it gives only a little xp. That started in MoP? I think. It’s dumb, but it has always been that way on those.

On the change though, consider how it was before. 4 battles a day or so. 3 are probably trainers. That’s 10-14k general xp. Plus maybe 2-3 battle stones(1 stone quest every 2 days or so). Now, its about 1k xp with, guessing the increase, 8 per day. To me, 6 breed specific stones is not worth the same as 12k general xp. Also, consider the pet battle week. You get 3x that xp, without a change in stones from the WQs


Oh see I don’t go for breed specific stones, I go for strictly charms or the 5-level stones myself. I have 6 120s, meaning my rotation is a very long one, so generally I cover a lot of ground when there are charms up. It just takes so long. I use Squirt on pet battle week, and get them up to 18, then buy level charms for the remaining levels since I have so many pets I need to get up still.

I’ll consider the addons for sure, though. I just didn’t put the effort to nab the exp because the number I have is so large that I focus less on leveling individuals and more on nabbing a bunch of stones to level in bulk when I get a chance.

Wait… this change means breed-specific level stones? If so, ugh. Not as happy of a camper. I’d way rather have charms… Anyway, like people have suggested, maybe if they turn on exp for the trainers with the quests it could help.

The one I just did was 4 critter level stones, so yeah, they aren’t general ones so far.

Ah snap, that’s some bad news then. Well, at least the achievement is made to be less nonsensical. I can be happy about that. ><