BfA Experience Changed

Not for nothing, but that’s a stupid change. Having meta achievements take some extra time while waiting for world quests is not a big deal. It wasn’t a problem in Legion, it gave me a reason to go out and actually do world quests. But to nerf pet EXP this hard? Come on…



I haven’t gotten back to pet battles much yet, but clearly it’ll be back to the mop/wod loop.

The only reason people will return to Legion/bfa pet battle content will be hardcore collectors doing the achievements. This content will never be evergreen.

Design evergreen content please.


Personally, I’m fine with the change. I’d rather get this achievement done already. In light of all the time-gating, rep-gating, pet-charm-gating that we’ve experienced this expansion, I’m happy with something that finally allows us to complete something at our own pace. For once, something isn’t polluted with the Devs’ obsessive need to place multiple speedbumps on everything.

The decreased experience is intended to be offset with the leveling stones. Keep in mind, not every Pet Battle Master gave viable experience for carry pets every time.

If you need to level pets, then a trip to Draenor or Pandaria is well worth making.

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I’m in favor of relieving time gating.

But the first step is to not have as much time gating.

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I’m curious about the fact that you assert people might not want to do the achievement, but they want to get xp off these trainers? Why? If you are a long time pet battler (like myself) you should have a) all your pets at 25, and a ton of stones to go 1-25 on all the new pets, so you don’t have to level.

Let’s say you aren’t so into it. MoP and WoD are the best places to level your pets up anyways. MoP because you can get some pets as a reward for winning sometimes and some of those pets sell for a lot of gold!

If you are new to pet collecting, you will want to battle all over the place, as you are still getting pets. MoP/WoD daily bosses though are the absolute best.


Can we please not have pet battles with azerite as the reward.


I would also point out that the ability to level pets with Pet Battle Masters in BfA was never consistent. Sometimes, a Pet Battle Master would get you from one to nine (which is significantly less than what you would get from Pandaria or Draenor). Then the next time that same Pet Battle Master was up, you might get from one to four.

Leveling pets in BfA is sometimes decent, but never good.

I’d give ya an upvote, but Blizzard limits those too.


What a terrible change. Just make it so if the world quest is available and not completed then normal exp. Else low exp. Good god do you just require us to constantly run Draenor dailies and legion WQs to level pets?

Also, i second others saying that no azerite or war resources from the WQs then. Charms and stones only, or start dropping charms from other WQs or dungeons.


You can always level your pets in the conventional way, you know. Simply go find pets in the wild and pray that there’s an opportunity to swap in your carry pet and swap it out again without it getting killed.

I think we should be grateful for the Draenor and Pandaria Pet Battle Masters allow us to level our pets quickly and easily. And instead, you’re complaining that you have to use them.

If I were a Dev reading your post, I’d be tempted to take away the Draenor and Pandarian Pet Battle Masters. The Devs did not owe you a short cut to leveling your pets. But you have them.

And you can also collect charms and buy levelling stones. There are also other ways to earn leveling stones.


Luckily you aren’t a dev and have little ability to understand a stupid change when you see it.

We now have an expansion whereby leveling a pet is no longer possible doing current content. Nobody fights random pets in the wild to level since Pandaria, why would that change now? I can go to any of the 3 previous expansions and level pets consistently (though Legion isn’t as good as Panda/Draenor) doing daily quests.

The fact that already 4 pet battles gave no experience anyways due to being a single pet and not a trainer was bad enough, now all essentially master trainers give none as well. I know it may seem like a little thing to you, who probably has few/no pets and don’t level them like some of us, but waiting for the goldilocks pet week and Squirt to level pets is ridiculous.

The promised stone increase isn’t that, WQs still give azerite (which is worthless) and resources (worthless). If all the pet battles gave only charms/stones/bandages (though would argue still worthless as can purchase in bulk for charms if need be) this may be able to be understood.

As it stands, the change is the definition of anti-fun, all for the sake of achievement completion in a more efficient manner. I did all of the pet achievements slowly in Legion just as they were intended, but I disliked it. I like the change to be able to knock these out but when the WQ is up, should give full experience for the first win, then diminished for the following.

Remember, the achievement requires a team of 25s, so the experience is zero for a win for the achievements anyways.


I really help Blizzard decides to revert this change, or maybe perhaps makes part of the WQ reward increased EXP gain.


When you are pushing punitive retention strategies in your mini-games you really have switched to treating your player base with contempt. Someone tell me in what way the world of warcraft was going to suffer if current content was the best place to level battle pets?


As a QoL compromise, can we get the WoD and MoP trainers to be able to be done once a day per toon? During Legion and BfA, the world quests were good to level pets and you could do it on as many toons as you wanted. However, WoD (and I am assuming MoP, but I never really pet battled until after that expansion) limits you to once a day per account.

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Well, I WAS enjoying checking the pet dailies each day, grabbing the pet charm ones, and leveling up my various new pets in the process. Now, they’ve taken that away, and given me another huge chore to do in exchange.


I’m getting less than 1/10th of the xp I was getting before 8.1. The family battler achievements take a very long time and a lot of people don’t have time to go for it. If you do the math, you need to pet battle 150 times. Again, most people won’t do this. Now though, leveling pets via BfA WQs isn’t worth it at all. This is definitely a good change to make people NOT want to pet battle…

Also…BfA WQs were very good for leveling pets. It was one of the only ways to do current content and level pets. The WQs were NOT inconsistent…if you knew how leveling pet battles works…you would know that when you fight a full team of 3 pets you get more xp than if you fight ONE named pet. @Loncis…the family achievement for BfA is 150 pet battles (if you win every time) and if you take 5 minutes to pet battle…thats 750 minutes /60 = This is 12 and 1/2 hours of game time…NOT including the setting teams up. This “tradeoff” is not worth it in the least. You can grind the achievement out now but…it still takes a long time.

The Family achievements are mainly for people that are very hardcore pet battlers. Fun fact: Most people I’ve met, don’t even try for it. If you took 12.5 hours for every new pet, then you would be looking at more than 12,500 hours for every pet. What is your time worth? Considering that we can’t level pets anymore efficiently with BfA WQs, I don’t see them as worth doing at all…


Yeah, this is a really unfortunate change. Please make the one time a day wq give normal exp again, it was really the only reason to do those wqs in the first place. Or at the very least make every pet stone reward non family…

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Yes, they were. Bring a level one carry pet to a Pet Tamer with two 25th level pets, and you might get it leveled to nine. Do the same pet tamer the next time with the exact same strategy, and you’ll get it to level four.

The XP was never consistent.

I see. And how many pet battles did you have to win to get all the charms you needed to buy the pets that are available on vendors? And how many hours did you spend grinding the rep that would allow you to buy those pets in the first place? How much time have you spent on Island Expeditions to get the pets you have? And how much time did you spend farming the gold to get the pets that you purchased from the Auction House?

Don’t even try to pretend that this is some insurmountable and unprecedented time-sink. You’ve sunk considerable time already into in collecting your pets.

No, PvP is for hardcore pet battlers. This achievement is for anyone. You could do the World Quests and if you confined them to one family, and did them differently each time, you’d eventually get the achievement.

Apparently, my time is free. And so is yours. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be playing WoW at all. Since you don’t earn anything for it. In fact, you pay for the privilege.

Really? I do. I’m still leveling my Warlock who will eventually buy all the pets available to Horde players. He’s going to need charms to do it, and I’m collecting the charms that he will eventually get. Also, the pets are cageable and can be sold. Also gifts to guildies who might want the pets but don’t have as much time to play as I do.

And again, you have Draenor and Pandaria to level your pets with. And the experience is better in those areas. And you have the hearthstones to get you to and from those areas efficiently.

And as if that weren’t enough, those quests also reward gold.

You also can do WQs to get leveling stones, and also the Pet Charms to buy leveling stones.

And maybe you should stop thinking of yourself and think about those who have done this for a while. I’ve got pets I could level, true, but nothing I really need. I have no pressing need to level anything. I’ve got all the pets I need to complete any world quest I want. So, what do I care about bringing carry pets to WQs in BfA?

At least with the Garrison’s weekly quest of 5 WoD pet battles from Lio and Ashlei daily, I guess an alt will camp out at the garrison. Lio still offers the weekly quest with a reward of 10 battle stones and Ashlei gave out 6270 xp on one carry (with hat buff).

May I just say it seems ironic to me that someone from a guild named “Hardcore” is complaining about the effort needed to complete this achievement? :slight_smile:

150 battles is nothing over the long term, when you think about it. Maybe you do one or two battles a day for the charms (as I do…) it still adds up over a few months. Nothing says you have to knock it out immediately, if you’d rather just whack at it a few at a time.

Lord knows most of us have probably done weirder, stupider, or more obsessive things for pets in the past. What’s 150 battles over the life of the expansion, given trying to finish Family Brawler, for instance?

Yeah, I wish I could level up pets easily through BFA battles also, but it was never my primary method. I used them to level the pets I captured at level 23. For everything else… there’s Squirt, or purple stones.

Sadly, I started the expansion with a -lot- of purple stones. 50 or so, and of course there’s been so many new pets since then, I’ve blown through those and all the extra purples earned through quests since then. I’ll need a good Squirt day to catch up, at this rate that I’m again getting new pets!