Pet Battle WQ XP nerf?

You used to be able to level low level pets with pet battle WQ’s. Now the pet battles are only giving about 100-200 xp, which is a significant fraction of what it used to be. I don’t see this change documented anywhere, therefore I believe it to be a bug.

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This is not a bug.


Guess I won’t be doing BfA pet battles anymore.

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Three of the four pet battle quests currently up for me are bandages, and the other is a rare upgrade stone that I don’t need. It’s back to Draenor for me.

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I’ve been waiting months for it to be pet battle week and then this happens 2 weeks beforehand.

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if they screw us in bfa over pet battle go to legion and screw bfa

That’s a charming insight. Totally worth necroing a year-dead thread. :man_shrugging:

when comes to it more bs rules like the timers when you leave game ect