Better communication is needed

For S4, Devs responded some question and concerns close to the patch launch.

Also, some of those concerns comes from asking on twitter to the playerbase.

I won’t say stop using twitter for this kind of approach but there wasn’t any Dev post on the forums or Community council before posting these updates, the same question from twitter could have been a post in the forums as reminder to players and a way to get feedback from the forums too.

"what are people’s largest outstanding questions about Season 4 and how it will work? "

Besides this late post, the Slime Saber update compared to the data in game and also previous PTRs could have been communicated with time, personally i’d also put in the same miscommunication issue the 500mount achievement placeholder from alpha.

As mentioned by Kretias from CC, a lot of players assumed things based on data provided by Datamining, PTR and now even live servers.

IMO, We still need better communication and Devs should use Community council more if they want to avoid the massive playerbase on the GD forums.

EDIT: Increase the sample, if toxicity was the barrier between Devs and forum playerbase then Community council is the solution to that issue.

A few months ago, One Dev behind protoform synthesis asked about feedback on this new mount feature from 9.2, that tweet got a lot of replies with good feedback but that same question could have been asked on the CC forums by a Dev creating a new post, Devs should improve communication and use all the tools available.

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That implies this change and the confusion over it was accidental.

The information was deliberately withheld for as long as possible because they knew it would be unpopular and affect subs, so they were trying to hold out for as many renewals as they could.

It was always known the mount came from Normal and higher… Zzz…

Yes, I don’t know about that but the questions about S4 could be asked also on the official forums, that’s a big part of my point with this thread. If you use the forums also as a tool, there’s a bigger sample of questions and concerns compared to a personal twitter account.

It’s sad to see players on the CC asking for their feedback and any answer, even “we think it’s fine, we’re not changing it”.

Linaori keep posting your concerns but this tool should be used more, I see post like the mount achievement for 500 with 25 replies between members but 0 Dev communication, they didn’t use it for a discussion or feedback, it’s the same for gameplay like balance for a class or the slimesaber LFR issue.

The tool isn’t working if we’ve members among the community council doing frequent feedback but a lack of Dev response.