Beta access

How is it I don’t qualify for beta testing when this account has been active since vanilla launch, and been active in all expansions, especially Vanilla, TBC and WoTLK and played all of Classic? Yet there is influencers on YouTube that have never touched the game at all getting invites because they have a fan base?

Hopefully there has been a decent amount of people who are actually contributing to the testing process invited, rather then influencers that have no intention on actually testing the game, getting given access for free advertisement.

Lets not have a repeat of Classic getting released with a massive amount of bugs that would have been picked up if the testing process was better ran.

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Because you do not have an audience which provides blizzard with free marketing, hype building or aid significantly in revenue generating activities.

Because they do.

Recent blizzard beta/ptr cycles involve a best effort process of bug fixing, the game launches in horrendous conditions despite multiple reported bugs. I think they are more triage focused with bug fixes targeting showstopper critical bugs and let the little polish level things slide through the cracks/get patched out later.


I agree. The process is extremely ineffective and reactive, putting the blame on the players “exploiting” what should have been fixed in some circumstances (Instant Barron resets come to mind) and in other instances they leave game / class breaking bugs for months making loyal paying customers have to just deal with it and wait it out.

There was posts in the bug report forum for months with 100s of replies and evidence that didn’t even get a response to or were silenced, claiming it was in line with their elusive reference client, only to be changed later on admitting they were wrong without actually acknowledging they ignored the players that were reporting it for months.

This company has little respect for its veteran players, despite the fact that they have been paying a subscription for over 15 years and bought into every expansion, even the terrible ones.

just admit thats it not about Testing. You simply want BETA to play and start min maxing like everyone else. As you said, you have 0 BETA experience so how would you begin testing? Would you cause blizzard more work by reporting bugs that arent bugs? And u mentioned 3 expansions, that are 8 years + old. Sucks to not have beta, but you alone would not find bugs and fix beta sorry

This Beta (and the Classic/Vanilla beta) has nothing to do with “testing”. Its about advertising. And since you dont have a fanbase and you arent streaming it, you arent advertising anything. So why would they give you access? You give them nothing lol, they dont give a damn about your bUg TeStInG goals.

What part of “Randomly sent” (outside of streamers) do you not get?

Why do you think you playing the game a lot makes you a good tester? I Assume anyone making these whining posts doesn’t actually care to test, they just wanna play early and usually end up flipping their cap over things in a beta

(Badges dropping when they shouldn’t, prime example)


But I’m special. I should get an invite!


“Look guys I played wow a lot since release!”

Congrats, a f$@# ton of us did! I don’t get why they think this is a badge of worth to blizzard. You’re an account with a $ figure beside it.

Have you tried being a content creator?

So for beta, we can choose between a veteran such as yourself to relive the adventure and report the bugs or a streamer with a couple hundred or thousands of viewers for easy advertisement, which one sounds more profitable?

Ahh yes, because playing a game a lot definitely translates into a good beta tester.

Zero reason to believe this and his crying for beta access tells me he is a bad candidate for it.


If you oped in to the beta then you qualify.

Its a lottery, it has nothing to do with how much you play, or how long you have played, its 100% random account generated.

The first wave of Beta invites went to streamers, for obvious reasons. After that the Beta invites have just been random lotto chances. Congrats if you got one, if you haven’t, you still might.

Umm that fact that I’ve played the game a lot? Lol

Your response shows exactly why you shouldn’t be in beta :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t someone who’s familiar with the game they are trying to emulate be a better tester then a random influencer? Myself or others that have had 1st hand experience.

First of all, there is barely any time left in beta now.

I can see you feel an undue sense of entitlement, but it’s not the case.

Here’s an example. I’ve been driving a Mazda for 15 years (actually). What do I get when I buy a new Mazda in recognition for that?


If I was to walk into the dealer/call the company and say I’ve been a user of their product for 15 years, and therefore should be a slot above a new buyer, I’d be laughed out of the room.

They want to draw in new people. That’s the focus of the marketing efforts. Chances are better that I’ll be back anyway, so I need less attention.

This is the problem, they are not using a beta as it is intended in the design process. It should be called a demo.

Yea, clearly no one on the beta is reporting bugs as they find them.

So when you play the game, it’s beta testing, but when anyone else does, it’s time wasting? :thinking:

To use the guys mazda dealer analogy.

I’ve driven a mazda 3 for ten years. Does that mean I know everything about it? Not even close.

Because this approach had great results last time.

Can you name me a game that had a smooth launch? I’ve been day 1 on quite a few things, and I don’t remember any of them going smoothly, testing or not.