Benediction needs a GOOD transfer server please

As early as 9 AM there are 5k queues on benediction. By 4 PM there are 13k queues.
This means the server is already full at max capacity and on top of that there’s roughly one mega server worth of people also in line to play.
This is unsustainable.
If the technology to expand Benediction’s capacity does not exist we need a different solution.
Benediction is THE ONLY big alliance server. If you are alliance on NA and want to play, your only option is to get in line with 13k people and stare at a 6 hour long or go to a medium pop horde server with almost no alliance, basically a dead server for your faction.
There’s roughly 13K+ people daily not being able to play at all.
Benediction NEEDS a free transfer server to spill some of it’s population, but it needs to be a GOOD option.
It has to be a fresh new server so it has room for all the new people coming in. Allow boosts, allow players to create new characters too . Make it an attractive option for people to actually convince players to move over.


Pagle is a big Alliance server, however, it is PvE and not a PvP server.


Pagle is just fine as an alliance server, and gets less than half the Benediction queue. Oh yeah, but it’s locked so this comment is useless.


Pagle is locked so people can’t make characters or transfer there.
It’s also PVE so if people could transfer there and they wanted to transfer somewhere else in the future they wouldn’t be able if it’s a PVP server.
And because it’s PVE there’s hardly any people there interested in PVP so finding people to do arena, battlegrounds or duels is very tough.
It already has queues, not as long as benediction but still.
Benediction needs a place so most of its queue’d people can move to.
They can’t move to an already full server.


Benediction is a pve server at this point.

Doesnt matter though, because op isn’t going to take advice from anyone


Is there any reason they dont offer free xfers off any server with a queue, other than money, since, you know, they have monetized server issue solutions and therefore would be impacting their income streams resolving the server issues.

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This is not true, as of now if you are on a PVE server you can infact transfer to a PVP server.


Are you sure? I want to confirm that claim but on blizzard’s own website they state the following:

" Realm Restrictions

You cannot transfer a character [from a PVE realm to a PVP realm"

They got rid of the Pve to PvP restriction a few months ago.


“In the coming weeks, we plan to remove the restriction on transfers from Normal to PvP realms in Burning Crusade Classic” It’s a thing as I’ve already done it.

They need to link 2 dead servers to Benediction.
Then allow FREE transfert off Benediction to either of these 2 realms.
Connected realms has been a proven technology for a decade or so now.

That would solve all of these incessant issues that crop up.
[ Edit ] and any overcrowded servers, as a matter fact.
Or they can link for PvP server one of the opposite population as well to reclaim balance. a bit more touchy, but should work.


Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
So we can remove at least one of the drawbacks of Pagle off the list.
Still, not a REAL solution to the overall issue of the 13k Benediction players who need somewhere to transfer but it’s at least a nice change that should help some players.

Pagle is locked, so not really a solution.

edit: But there may be some reasonable alll+pve servers other than pagle. idk.

They would have to open a couple new ones, as there arent any dead servers left, but that would be a real solution to this problem.

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Benediction is a PvE server in everything but name.


Sulfuras is doing great Alliance side, you missed the boat because of bandwagon cowardice. There is a bigger Pvp scene here than anything i ever saw on Bene, better players too, the type of Pvper who wasn’t scared of underdog odds when they took that leap of faith. I haven’t lost a premade vs premade to a different server yet.


Glad you are having fun there but two faction servers are not for everyone, they have half the effective population of a single faction server server with an equal total population and with the same queue issues.
Plus that server is full now, so it’s not a practical solution to the 13k in queue on benediction now. If they moved they’d just be on the same queue but on a different server.
We need an effective solution to the big picture issue.

What are you saying? You want a massive all alliance server that is too big to transfer to from your current massive all alliance server that is too big? You ever consider maybe not playing on a massive all alliance server? Eranikus is currently considered full with no queue times and 50/50 split on factions. It is a free transfer server and there are thousands of people leveling on both factions in northrend. If you want to play all alliance PvE go Pagle.


You have thousands of people with multiple accounts logged in (often doing nothing on the second and third) and thousands remote desktoping in. Just cut that out and the queue would be gone. You can not fix stupid.


Benediction already has good options to transfer to.