Benediction needs a GOOD transfer server please

There are 13k people in benediction’s queue all day long.
They’re there for one reason, because they like what benediciton has to offer and they want to be in it.
And that’s a large single faction PVP server.
The way to split benediction in two and give a home to those 13k on queue is to offer them exactly what they want, which is more of the same: a large single faction pvp server.
Nothing else will get people to reroll or transfer somewhere else so nothing else will solve the issue.
We don’t want to share a spot in a queue with someone from the other faction who we cannot speak to, group with or trade with.
It adds nothing to our gameplay experience.

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Several benediction people have moved over to westfall. I think it’s the largest alli dominated NA East server still open for transfer, it is pve though.

Benediction is a PvE server too. Rofl


Good Benediction players should be forced to suffer. Everybody running away from WPvP ruined Grobbulus


Go to Eranikus?


Let’s be real, Benediction is a PvE server.


If it only has one faction, it’s not a PvP server anymore.


Some friends of mine and myself are xferring off bene to eranikus. We all realized its better to play and not have to drastically change our irl lives around just to LOG IN (not even play). I completely beat the que but still have random d/c and have to go afk for extended periods of time. I also live in FL so the hurricane just gg’d my que lmao. We are in the process of xferring right now though. FCM does not give transfer 90-day cooldown. So if erankius dies in 3 months or doesnt, I am sure bene will be unlocked by then and we can xfer back if needed. (I did this at 60 and 70tbcc) and it never failed. Side note, idgaf about paying $25 for a xfer back in the future


No. People are on benediciton because 90% of the server paid $25 per character to get there due to dead servers. Unless there is a 100% guarantee they can get back for free if their new server dies they will never leave. I’ve paid ~300$ across all my characters to get to this point after hopping multiple server. I’m done.


Im very curious how youd prevent remote desktop anti afk. I dont see any method for doing so that doesnt impinge on Twitch or Discord screen sharing.

@Pallygainz if you transfered from Benediction to Eranikus are you actually able to transfer back to Benediction? It was my understanding that due to Benediction being locked it was not possible to transfer characters to it anymore.
Am I wrong?

By removing or reducing drastically the grace time of disconnections and completely removing the grace time and resetting the queue if you’re not 100% at the computer to quickly hit “reconnect” if suddenly the queue window closes without prior notice.

No, you are correct. BUT only when its locked. It will unlock whenever the queues die for a consistent time-frame. Take pre-patch and before it for example. Or even tbc launch when it was locked, then unlocked once the ques died. The only problem is you have to pay to go back ($25)

I’ve been reading there is the technology but blizzard isn’t investing in it. Idk for sure obviously

Man I don’t know if it will be unlocked this time.
TBC was a somewhat popular expansion but WOTLK is THE most popular expansion in World of Warcraft’s history.
There are just so many players who want to be part of it.

we need a free transfer to bene if the new server dies

I think the answer to this is: What is Eranikus?


I’ll look into Eranikus.
Is there any way to check how active it is, how many Benediction players are taking the transfer to it?
I don’t want to take a transfer and end in a dead server.

you make me wanna vomit!


Eranikus is far from dead. It’s a growing and very healthy full server. Mostly balanced at the moment and people are able to log in and play and are enjoying themselves.

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