Battle Squawk Changes

The less Blizzard changes, the better.

This game has not, nor will ever be perfectly balanced. If anything, their attempts to make it so have actively made it worse.


So now it’s a lie that the battle chickens were used in origional tbc?

You are truly the master of reality as you chose what is real, fake, a lie, and what people believe.


No, that’s not what I said.

I’m saying it’s a lie to say that that the original developers intended that a whole group of players equip old world level 60 trinkets, aggro trash mobs to forcibly activate five chickens at once to stack a 25% (!) haste buff (lasting 4 minutes) before each boss pull.

I don’t think that was the original developers’ intent. And I think that you agree with me, even though you’re arguing the opposite because you don’t want to see it fixed.

Do people buff up with other buffs before a boss?

Consumables, class buffs, exc?

It’s normal practice to buff up before a boss pull.

Heck, our shaman uses rank one healing wave (idk if that’s the actual spell) on our tank before a pull to add the Armour bonus, pre priest shield, exc. Is that an exploit as well because it wasn’t as commonly done back in tbc?

You are using the same logic the clowns that are claiming paladin farming strat is an exploit.

So I guess you are a :clown_face: as well.

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They also said nova was working correct on the beta when it didnt break to 5+ lances.


I’m not so arrogant to pretend what is or isn’t intended

But I do know that it is how it was. Blizzard has said so themselves that it was used in original TBC. So they knew it existed

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Who cares if others use chickens lol.

Don’t use it.

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I just find it funny some people are trying to claim its an exploit.


This. I highly doubt that the people working on classic were working at blizzard back in vanilla. They have been wrong about many interactions in classic not being authentic, why would this be different?

I have yet to see any og tbc videos of people using chickens. Not to say there weren’t any marginal cases of people getting the buff, but I highly doubt the guaranteed proc existed. none of the top guild’s used it in their world first videos. ElitistJerks never mentioned the buff either.

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It may have worked mechanically as it does now, but if so, nobody knew how to manipulate it to get a guaranteed proc. It wasn’t widely used until a couple of months ago when someone discovered that the chickens could be exploited in a way that guarantees procs in order to stack the buff up to 25% (!).

So now you have a level 45 trinket from vanilla that is suddenly the most powerful item in the game. More powerful than Glaives and a full set of Tier 6. More powerful than Bloodlust, because of the 4 minute duration. And you don’t even have to wear the trinket. You can take it off after use.

But you actually have people saying with a straight face that oh it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to see here. Totally working as intended. Lol.

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Well you also have to factor that players aren’t using it as an equipped item. You can get the buff on the pack before the boss, swap trinkets, keep all 5 stacks of the buff, and then just pull the boss immediately. The debuff doesn’t drop when you swap to a different trinket.

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It wasn’t found out until TBC Classic came out.
It more than likely always existed, but people were not trying to break the game as much back then. I didn’t even know that trinket existed until the methods got discovered.

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Just another reason the cc should not exist at all.

You can also drink a flask before the boss.

It’s a profession buff, LW have drums, alchemists have their flasks and potions, JC have their better gems, enchanter have ring enchants, exc.

This buff has the longest CD to use out of any of them, is the most complex to use effectively, doesn’t verify healers or casters, and is much less forgiving for mistakes for a wipe because of its long CD. It makes sense it would be a the strongest, with the most downsides to it.

Some people only play this game for parses. If they have to start using skill instead of pure cheese strats, they might quit the game :frowning:


Except the game is balanced around all those items you listed.

Do you realize how much dps a fury warrior in sunwell bis gains from 27% haste? I will give you a clue. It is about the same dps increase as getting all the world buffs in classic bis gear (ony , wcb, zandalar, sf, dmt, df). If you don’t think that is op, I don’t know what to say.

Do you realize how it stacks with everything you listed and that there is a limit to how the other consumables stack? (ie battle elixirs not stacking etc)


Yea god forbid warriors be good again right? It has to be mages and warlocks or everyones going to seethe and piss themselves.

Warriors will be top dps without chickens. Stop with these lies I keep hearing about melee being bad. That lie was perpetuated by pserver info with buffed armor values.

Once fury gets armpen they will be at the top of the dps meter.


You do realize in origional tbc drums were able to be rotated to have the buff up permanently right?

We can’t do that now.

In origional tbc chickens were able to do this as well.

How many nerfs do you want to put out until every physical dps can’t even compete with casters?

Should we nerf armornpen as well? We need to keep casters as king according to your logic it seems.

Casters are top tier dps for over half of tbc even with chickens. Let melee have their shining moment when everyone is in top gear from the last few raids.

It’s working as intended.

I mean… all of those things are incredibly minor when compared to a 25% increased attack speed for four minutes (the entire boss fight).

It completely kills the ability to look like a competent melee DPS without having 5 chickens. The DPS gain is legit too massive from chickens alone.