Battle Squawk Changes

No changes would be best. WCL is already able to effectively limit the count to 5.

However if Blizzard really feels the urge to change the chicken, this is what they should do…

Limit battle squawk to 1 buff, but add 4 minutes to it for every squawk that happens.

This would limit disparity between casual and hardcore guilds, but provide an additional benefit to strive for in hardcore raiding. That would be 100% uptime on a 5% haste buff, since chickens are a 20 minute CD.

It would work out quite nicely, I think.


It doesn’t need to add on, just limiting it to 1 buff is a good change. If you want to get it on the next boss then have someone else summon one, it really doesn’t need to add time.


It really doesn’t need to be changed at all, as it’s already nerfed into a non-abusive state.

I’d be nice to be able to down vote posts on the CC forum to show when posts are dumb.


No, just no… It would be dragon slayer/warchiefs all over again…

Personally id like to see them maybe just change the value for like chickens to be like 1%. Still a advantage for people that want to do it.

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1 active buff in my opinion is the best approach, multiple stacks of this buff is way too much of a power gain for any profession. The proposed solution from today seems to make perfectly good sense.


I think that the CC forums need better representation with classes.

squawks in laughter

I like how the squawk makes melee competitive in an expansion where melee performance is significantly hampered by mechanics. It seems to help with class balancing - otherwise every meta group comp would be fully stacked with ranged dps.

I would like to see changes that make it less cringe to execute. Having to jump through hoops to stack it up to 5 just feels cringe watching people coordinate, and it really slows down a raid. Just let the chicken squawk as soon as it’s summoned.

A reasonable compromise would involve preventing stacking but making one chicken give a bigger buff individually (call it 15% instead? or I would be fine to have it as the full 25%). This would still help melee with class balancing and avoid cringe stacking strategies. It would also enable groups to use chickens more frequently rather than requiring groups to wait 20m between bosses to wait on cooldowns to come up.


Scaling for melee is far better going into T6 and beyond. Armor penetration will be a game changer, and the encounters are far more melee friendly (except for maybe felmyst?). Melee will not struggle at all with a spot in the raid going forward. (T5 was skewed more for casters). The squawk buff is not really needed to be competitive, if anything it is going to swing the scale onto melee far too much if kept in its current state.

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With glaives and armor pen. I think you will see melee back on top in Later P3. With the addition of haste on items, chickens are going to even be better due to how the it stacks multiplicatively.

Which solution are you referring to? The tinnitus idea?

The original idea for tinnitus was to make it so leatherworking was not a raid-wide required profession. Sapper charges and bombs make loud noises so they should cause tinnitus too, right? (Sarcasm) Then we would only need 1 engineer exploding things per party.

One problem with tinnitus is that it’s a rabbit hole. Make bloodlust/heroism have a 10 minute tinnitus while you’re at it. (Also, sarcasm).

A second problem with tinnitus is that it requires communication that shouldn’t be needed in a raid environment. If two or more people use their chicken, well sucks for you. You just wasted your 20 minute cooldown.

Adding to the buff timer would not change gameplay, keeps the number at something players will still notice (5%), and maintain viability on a fun and rewarding item.


I think a 25% haste buff, that didn’t exist before the technique (exploit) was discovered, is pretty abusive. It’s probably the most powerful buff in the game now.

Melee is already competitive.

Just make it not stack, IMO. 5% haste is still a great buff for those who want to min/max, but it doesn’t break the game.


This thing is from classic in the 30s. It shouldn’t even do this much at 70. The amount of haste needs to plummet after 60. It should have gotten the same treatment as hit/crit items, or hand of justice.

Blizzard doesn’t do downvotes. They don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt. So what people do instead is report spam a post to get it auto censored. This also flags it for a mod which has about a 50/50 chance to either restore it or suspend the user, regardless of whether they did anything wrong.

People just love tossing out the word exploit dont they? Its so broken that even with chickens in the game ranged reign supreme. Fury is the only melee that even competes and they only do so with the chickens. Otherwise its just a stack ranged meta game.

Just remove it completely please, its degenerate gameplay.


Throw them out now before they come home to roost

For real. Somehow figuring out how the trinket works means it’s an exploit? What?

people are traumatized over warrior/rogue meta from classic so theyre willing to go to any length to prevent seeing it again even if it means stacking warlock/mage/hunter meta.

stacking squawks is also nice for the hybrid mdps that are otherwise only brought for buff/debuff since with squawk they can do really solid dps, and in the case of ret, really good dps with how well we scale off haste.

+1 for either instant squawk in summon or squawk on first attack.

i maybe dont know how i fee about this however. the thing balancing chickens power out right now is only being able to squawk once every 20 minutes. if this solution were implemented youd be able to have full or near full power squawk for every boss. as much as id like that, idk how healthy it would be.

Make the buff unique but it’s applied as soon as you pop the chicken. Less fiddly that way, easier to control, but also less powerful. Adding a tinnitus type debuff is unnecessary.