Battle Squawk Changes

If they do that, at least increase the time of the buff to 10 or 15 minutes. Then it’s not a complete nerf and both parties in the debate come out with something positive.

A 15 minute buff with a 20 min cd? Wouldn’t party members cycle through the buffs just like drums to keep it up 100% of the time? especially if you are talking about instant proc.

Also imagine the implications on wpvp and battlegrounds if you can have an instant squawk. You would just be buffing melee classes in pvp unnecessarily.

100% proc rate, 4 minute tinnitus we now call chicken pox. 20 charges.

One buff per person.

Boom. Done. Easy.

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Just get rid of it entirely. Engineering is already strong enough without this obnoxious trinket.


Get rid of the ‘auto-squawk’ mechanic and just make it periodically proc for a relatively short duration. So if you have the trinket equipped, you can get some reliable uptime. But you can’t play games with de-equipping it before the fight.

There is no trinket in the game that is even close to 27% haste. If you had to keep it equipped to get the buff, it would still be worth it by a mile.

If it gets nerfed blizzard needs to keep in mind that it is an on use TRINKET and not an item like drums in your inventory.

If they nerf the active effect, they need to return personal power to the engineer somehow for wearing it, If it’s getting nerfed that is.


Haste buff no longer stacks (nerf)
The buff lasts 4 minutes still but for every 30 seconds you have it equipt, the haste buff increases by 3%, this would make the last 30 seconds of that 4 minutes before be 26% haste buff. (Buff specifically for engineers wearing the trinket into the fight instead of being able to change trinkets out) but it’s still weaker than how it is now, because it only reaches that 26% for the last 30 seconds, and the engineer is losing an in fight trinket slot for that benefit.

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It really depends on the uptime.

So we’re playing the game normally for months. And then suddenly someone discovers a cheat code. Enter “IDKFA” and increase your damage by 25%! That’s basically what happened here. Seems like a pretty clear example of an exploit to me.


Blizzard already said it happened in OG TBC too. Sooo

“As goofy as this is, it is an authentic interaction, and one that some guilds did take advantage of in some way in the original Burning Crusade.”

So not the buzz word of the day, but just TBC being true to itself.

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Players will go to great lengths to defend cheesy exploits once discovered. They can’t help themselves, so not really faulting you. We saw this with stacking world buffs in Classic vanilla, also a mechanic that was true to vanilla, but clearly an unintended exploit nonetheless.

This is why it’s up to the developer to step in and be the adult and say no. And soon, before it becomes more and more ingrained as the new meta.

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Theyre defending things that were done in original TBC? You thought you did…but you didnt. Forums prove it more and more each day when they ask for changes to things that originally existed

And now we just see class stacking. So much better lol

You say that, but i dont think you know what it means


I’d define it as using a mechanic for an advantage in a manner not intended by the original developers…

I don’t think any honest person can say with a straight face that the original developers intended that a whole group of players equip old world level 60 trinkets, aggro trash mobs to forcibly activate five chickens at once to stack a 25% (!) haste buff (lasting 4 minutes) before each boss pull.


Dont nerf chickens its already a pain to set up & get more than 2 squawks in a dad guild, dont punish everyone because the few can compete at a higher level than everyone else.

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It would be a personal buff, so 5-10 minutes of downtime.

But you bring up a good counter argument to those who want instant squawks. Changing how it works besides time & who gets it would introduce unintended side-effects.

TLDR; Time and who gets the buff are ok to adjust. How you get the buff is NOT ok to adjust.

Except it was intended.

Prove me wrong with sources and quotes.

My evidence of it being intended is people did this in origional tbc, and it didn’t get changed, for the entire life of tbc.

So give me your evidence from the developers of origional tbc, that it wasn’t intended.


I don’t believe that you believe what you’re saying.

So your argument is based on belief and not facts, and you also decide what I believe now…

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blizzard literally says in the blue post that people back in original TBC used the chickens and squawks like they are used now why are people trying to argue and say thats not the case lmao


Yes, I’m saying that people lie and argue for things that they don’t themselves believe. And yes, I think that is the case here.