Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Achievements and Off-Season Details

The launch of Rise of Azshara will mark the end of Battle for Azeroth Season 2. On June 25 when maintenance begins, both PvP and Mythic Keystone competition will close, and a two-week off-season for those activities will begin.

During the off-season, Mythic Keystone dungeons will still be playable using Season 2 affixes and rewards, but their seasonal achievements will no longer be available. Additionally, it will still be possible to queue for Rated PvP and earn based on your Season 2 rating, but seasonal rewards and titles will no longer be earnable. The end-of-season rankings will close when Rise of Azshara goes live.

As always, we ask that competitive players refrain from transferring character(s) to another realm or faction until after BFA Season 3 has begun.

BFA Season 3 will begin two weeks after the content update, along with the opening of Azshara’s Eternal Palace, the new Operation: Mechagon dungeon, a new seasonal affix for Mythic Keystone dungeons, and the availability of higher item-level Azerite gear.

Additionally, Battle of Dazar’alor and Crucible of the Storm raid achievements such as Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge will be obtainable throughout the off-season. You can continue to earn both of them right up until Azshara’s Eternal Palace opens.

Now get out there and fight to the finish!


The suspense is killing your subscription numbers… or something. Got a pool going, tell us already so I can collect the $$.


Really? Almost the middle of June and STILL no release date for 8.2 which means it’s not coming until July at the earliest. This content drought has been absolutely unacceptable for subscribers shelling out $15! 8.2 will be DOA.

Definitely not wasting more money on retail until Classic comes out.


Can you clarify when AOTC and CE are going away for Uun’at in CoS? I feel like this has to be a mistake that these feats of strength are going away with season 3 starting. Barely any guilds have CE. For context, Helya AOTC and CE were obtainable through the end of Nighthold.


FF is releasing something later on this month - there’s your date.


They won’t hand over the $$ if I just assure them the conspiracy theorists are correct about lining up 8.2 with another game’s release date.

Fascists, the lot of them!


lol drought? Please don’t play Classic then.


80 guilds have killed Mythic Uu’nat. Y’all put some real thought into putting out content.


Classic doesn’t have content droughts, because we already know ahead of time what’s coming, just not when. In the retail client, we know neither what’s coming after 8.2, nor when it will arrive. Uncertainty is the problem, and lack of communication is still a big problem for the crew in Irvine.


Hey person @ Blizz who pretends to care…
Can you please remove the Seasons format next expansion…


It’s coming, who cares from there :smiley:

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way to screw over every guild that didn’t take CoS seriously because everyone expected Cutting Edge to go away with the raid after Azshara, just like how ToV was.

Really gotta announce this stuff day 1.

The Hall of Fame isn’t even full for either faction at the moment…


Alliance is definitely not going to make it… but the Horde might get 100 before EP opens.

Does seem like an oversight on the cut-off date, but Seems Like An Oversight is the motto of this expansion.


June has 30 days. Today being the fifth in that series of numbers.
So where’s this middle?

5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30

I’m thinking the 15th, but that’s probably just speculation.


Removing Cutting Edge from Crucible of Storms is just cruel. My guild is 9/9M and we were US 106 on a 9 hour schedule. No one in my guild (and a lot of other guilds in my shoes) was happy when CoS released, as people would have rather farmed 9/9M in 1 to 2 nights and be done with raiding for the week.

With that said, we tried to embrace this new raid and we have been trying to clear BoD in 3 to 4 hours per week and we are really close to killing Mythic Restless Cabal after 200ish pulls. I am already not thrilled with the difficulty level of this raid considering every guild just came off 300-500 pulls on Jaina. Now you are going to pull the rug out from under people with no notice? Like so many other things over the past 1 to 2 years, why was this not communicated in April when the raid was released? I bet you most guilds would have not even bothered, especially knowing the pull counts and difficulty of these two fights. Now you are basically spitting in the face of guilds who decided to progress in your poorly thought out micro raid that no one (besides super high end guilds) asked for.

Now guilds who have invested a lot of time into Restless Cabal basically have to give up if their only aspiration was Cutting Edge. On the flip side, imagine being a super high end guild just getting to Uun’at now. Now you have to make a decision to go all in on this fight or give up to prevent players quitting and burning out before 8.2’s essence grind and the new raid. Imagine being some guild who is consistently top 75 US for many tiers dying because you went all in on Uun’at and failed to get Cutting Edge right before Eternal Palace releases. That is a great way to spit in the face of another portion of the player base. I was already pretty fed up with this raid and this is just icing on the cake.

There are only 79 US Restless Cabal kills and 25 US Uun’at kills. Who was this raid meant for? The HoF leaderboard is not even full!

What makes this even more confusing is you could get Helya CE up through the end of Nighthold and Margok CE through the end of Blackrock Foundry. Maybe the player base should not make assumptions, but you have set a standard that a good chunk of guilds will be able to get CE. Now you took a 180 turn and are blindsiding people.

I usually try to be positive and stand by Blizzard, even through the tough times. I have run my mythic raid guild for years and try to be excited about the content that is coming. This really sucks though Blizzard and you really should be ashamed.


And that content will be stale within a month.

Crucible of Storms Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge will cease being available when Azshara’s Eternal Palace opens. The Crucible of Storms Hall of Fame will lock at that point, regardless of whether it is full, and Crucible of Storms will be available for cross-realm Mythic.

We expect that Rise of Azshara’s new Essences and the increase in the power of the Heart of Azeroth will give a final boost to people who are close on Uu’nat in the two weeks prior to Azshara’s Eternal Palace opening.


So you expect players trying to get CE on Crucible to farm AP and all the essences they can to get something you’ve set a terrible timeline on?

I’m totally not surprised by this, sadly. GL to those players.


What’s the reasoning for this? I’m working on the keystone master achieve and this is only hurting my chances at getting it.

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