Shows Players in the Wrong Online Status

I dunno what’s going on lately, but the only time my battle net updates with people who have gone offline is if I close b net entirely. For example, my lady and I have been offline for about a half hour now, but it still shows her online even though she’s clearly not. Same deal with my other friends. Is this something on my end or is something else going on?


Same thing is happening to me, I need to restart the launcher to fix it every few hours.


Every person I’m not a Real Life ID friend with at no point in time now shows all their real names ALSO.

Yeah, I don’t know how more people aren’t reporting this.

I have many guildmates who logged off last night, then when I look this afternoon it says they’ve all been on wow 18 hours. This occurs on the app friends list, as well as the in-game friends list.

The only way to check if someone is actually online or not is to look at the guild tab, or to completely exit and restart the client to force a refresh.


What I was thinking myself, but perhaps it’s just a small subset of us affected or something and we’re on one server cluster that is acting up.

Windows 7, core i5 2500k, nvidia geforce GTX 760 here with this problem

Same issue, all of my friends are stuck online half the time when it comes to bnet/them going offline. In addition, I can’t see broadcasts… been like this since the retrieving data details happened.

Still happening for me as well, im on the west coast (Washington state).

For the blue
Edit: My ISP is Comcast as well, and im using a wired connection. Just providing more info.

We’re aware of the issue and checking it out. No ETA on a resolution just yet, but thanks for the reports. For clarification, I changed the title of this thread. Here’s what we’re investigating right now:

  • Players showing online or in game despite being offline
  • Players showing offline despite being online or in game (without having appear as offline enabled)
  • Players showing as away/busy/etc when they’re not set to that status.

Just to get more info, let’s keep the reports coming for now. We’re looking to see if we can find a trend between you all. If I come up with any specifics, I’ll post again requesting the info we may need.


Roger that, thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate it. Glad it’s not just me. And word on the title change, do what you gotta.

Yep. Everyone I know is complaining about this. I posted on twitter, but was going to wait to see if the patch fixed it before posting here.

I’ve been experiencing this as well. I didn’t start noticing it until just a few days prior to the patch. It’s affecting both my BattleTag contacts and characters on my friend list.

Hey all,

To help resolve friends list issues in the app and in-game, lets try reinstalling the desktop application.

Let us know of any changes. Thanks!

Posting to let you know I uninstalled and reinstalled battle net and had no success. Still the same issue.

same here! i just did this an hour ago and had the same out come :frowning:

Did nothing on my end.

broadcast status updates arent working either (i asked a few friends it doesnt show for them either). I understand that its not a big deal for most ppl but for me it makes me feel supah lonely ;-; just wanted to post incase blizz doesnt know about this and forgets to fix it.

figured i’d put in my report.

I have also had this issue for around a week or so, can’t point to an exact date/time though. This has happened before, a year? two? can’t remember but at that time it appeared to be just certain people on my list but this time it appears to be all.

I use the beta vrs of the launcher and it is always open on one of my monitor’s desktop. I did not try a reinstall of the app as the others who did said nothing changed. I did do a scan and repair on the off chance but again no change.

I’m using windows 10, latest release which updated for me on 9/17 to vrs 1903. Now that i think of it, the timing seems rather suspicious. There was also an update on the 18th for flash and .NET framework 3.5 and 4.8. Also suspicious. Good places to start if that link hasn’t already been dug up.

Hey y’all,

For those of you who still have the issue after a reinstall of the app, we’d be interested in collecting some logs for you to help investigate the problem. To get these logs, run log goblin after you have one of the issues. Once you have the logs, you can email them with this information:

Subject: Attn: Drakuloth - Friend Status Issue

We’ll peek over those and see if we can’t narrow it down more. Thanks again for all the help/reports thus far!

Edited - copy/paste link fail on my part. Fixed it. Thanks Sherina!

You linked to the wrong article. This is the correct one I believe which the other CS rep posted.

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