Basil and SixxFury dont get it twisted

Just make the transfers free for the rest of the month and let god sort it out.

We sure as hell dont need CROSS REALM garbage or transfers from the majority to minority that next to NOBODY will take!

Just let guilds do what they were gonna do anyway, without punishing us by making us pay!


This guy gets it.


I for one want connected realms, and I’m happy they started that conversation.

It really sucks to watch my community and friend groups get split up when people start transferring off. Transfers appear to happen on my server due to being unable to recruit for raids and 5-mans. My server is about to lose 5 major guilds and it sucks really bad having to decide which group of friends to follow. Not to mention the fact that I will lose all of the names I’ve had since name reservation day, which has been part of my online identity since vanilla.


There are not that many realms left…


Free transfers will just put the final nail in the coffin for the small and dying servers, and would make the mega servers even bigger, or create another mega server.


Dying servers are a problem, and mega servers are a problem; opening up free transfers just make those problems worse, or more importantly, brings them to servers that were otherwise in a healthy state but are now flooded with free transfer refugees.

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“He’s dead Jim.”


You’re just wrong about this. Moving my guild to a higher population server would absolutely solve problems for us.

Your assumption is that megaservers are bad. If they’re bad, why do people play on them when given the option?


Oh, I totally understand this part. One of my guilds is comprised mostly of people who have known each other for 10+ years (Many since the dawn of vanilla in 2004). But then there are about 3 other communities I have found and truly enjoyed playing with during the pandemic. People I met while in lockdown and ran gdkps and alt raids with… I cherish these communities and these people… Isn’t this part of why we play the game?

I see this issue being played out over and over again – communities are getting fractured and people are upset about it. Connecting the realms would mean we could play with our friends again, recruit, sell/trade, and run 5-mans without losing a core part of our wow identities.


“If drugs are so bad why do so many people use them?”

Just because mega servers are popular or successful, does not make them good or healthy for the game.

Your assumption that a server with 20k+ players is somehow good for the game?

Please explain how my way of thinking is wrong.


This is the best poster ever. Zealous is speaking truth in such little words. He’s the one.

My perception of his last 3 posts:

JUST LET THE KIDS PLAY. Take down these walls!!!

I never read with such dramatic tone. Its the bold blunt truth.

Finally, my genius is being recognized. :sob:

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You should make a character on Atiesh horde and try and find a group for a specific dungeon, or raid some time. We have 1 GDKP for SSC/TK for the whole server, and maybe 3 or 4 kara pugs that run every week at no fixed time.

I log into Mankrik to see what it’s like - and oh boy, I see that I would have options and can progress my alts that I didn’t blast through dungeons with when people were actually running them in the first 2 months of TBC. As it stands now, there are so very few dungeon groups going, and people have been raid logging for a couple of months. I cannot effectively play the game when I want to.

How do you judge the health of a game? I feel like maybe we disagree on the basics here. If people intentionally move in droves, and pay to transfer to a higher population server, that would indicate to me that they see themselves having a better experience on a higher population server, and therefore the individual player sees their experience as being more complete (healthy).

I play PVE, so faction imbalance means literally nothing to me. It’s about the ability to find other people to play with at any given time of day.

How are megaservers unhealthy for the game?

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At a certain point you reach a sort of diminishing returns with the amount of players on the server. Idk if it’s 5k, 7k, or 10k, the specific amount doesn’t matter.

Below that point, each new player makes the server better, livelier, and more enjoyable. But once you hit the diminishing point, each new player adds nothing to the server, and instead actually make the server WORSE. More competition in farming, layers, queue times, wPvP issues; all things players constantly complain about.

I think it’s safe to assume that things about which players complain are bad, yes?


Why are layers bad? I think I missed something. This ticks off your issue with farming competition. Mankrik is PVE, so that ticks off your wpvp issue. How bad are queue times on Mankrik? It’s the same number of players overall as Atiesh, but I’ve never had a queue on Atiesh. Can you provide some of that info? (Genuinely don’t know).

Again - try playing on a low population server before you make an assumption of what is better for the majority of players.

There will always be someone to complain about something. I really still don’t understand how more people = bad when there are systems in place to flex for larger populations. There are no systems in place to flex for lower populations.


So, what, your only argument for why mega servers are good for the game is because they have more people?

You seem to have a counter for each of my points, but no points of your own other than, “Well I think you are wrong therefore I am right.”

Yes, in a multiplayer game - more people to play with is good.

I have counters to your points because they are easy to counter. I am giving you objective answers to your subjective complaints.

I feel like your responses are incredibly low effort and not addressing the actual issues or providing background to why you don’t agree. So in that, you’re just talking to talk and say “no”.


agree, open the gates. Make them confront reality once everyone is on 4 servers.

The ACTUAL issues is that opening up free transfers to anywhere will only exacerbate the problems and not actually solves them.

Or I thought that people wanted to save the low pop servers, not just let them die in favor of the mega servers?

It makes me think what you consider the “actual issues” to really be?

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Don’t you see? Puts on tinfoil hat

If everyone moves to 1 or 2 servers, then so do the bots! Then Blizzard can finally catch them since they are all in 1 spot! No more splitting GMs over 10s of servers!

A server with 20k+ players in a MMO is perfectly healthy…

Everything you do on a small server can be done on that same 20k+ server but with more added benefits.