Bans being issued for SS leavers

Yeah, people have been suggesting this for a long time. I was the most worried about low mmr shuffle where nobody would even be able to get placements in.


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I still can’t tell if this is troll or not. Keeps going back and forth.

Can we Q in peace yet?

Even if punishments did go out that doesn’t nesscearily mean that anything has been done about future leavers.

True, but I’ll take the better odds of completing games for now at least

Why are people so pressed about Blizz potentially banning leavers who are exploiting an MMR bug?

Just making the pool of people smaller. Que times longer. Will still be abused until they adjust leaving to effect MMR. Not really clear how many people are abusing the MMR bug involved with leaving, but I’d say it’s significant.

You ban all the people who leave from participating in RSS and then the posts complaining about two hour waits in ques will take over. Solve one problem by creating a much more significant one.

I for one would prefer if they just gave RSS the 5s treatment. I don’t think there has ever been a bracket, or released form of content that has resulted in as much whining and outcry as RSS.

because there’s a large amount of idiots that think exploiting is ok because it’s “blizzard’s fault for allowing it to happen”


define “ok” better here if you want to meet any of those idiots halfway and achieve any breakthrough in their understanding

Because its just terrible for the game as a whole when there are much less drastic solutions.


  1. first 3 times leaver only gets warning, mmr/cr calculated per round,
  2. big cr/mmr hit + leaver debuff account wide (like 20min or so), mmr/cr calculated for everyone else per round

somethin like that is all thats needed

but when you give ppl the option to leave and take no losses to save their cr/mmr its worth it to leave.

all they have to do is make it not worth it to leave from a debuff/cr/mmr hit standpoint

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People in this game will whine about anything and everything though it’s not subject to just RSS. I wouldn’t care about longer Q times if it guaranteed completed games. I like the fact that I can just hit Q by myself into any rated play when I don’t really have many friends left playing the game and would rather not use LFG.

The game mode doesn’t need to be perfect or be perfectly balanced. Just let me Q and be guaranteed a completed game. I have to believe most people fall into the same boat as me, there’s just a very loud whiney minority on the forums.


using the xp potion in BFA was ok. stacking multiple pots for one big effect was not ok. people got banned.

leaving an arena is ok (power outage, emergency, etc). that’s the intended reason for it. purposefully leaving to gain/preserve xp you don’t deserve is not ok. people should be banned.

exploits are when you take a system and twist it to do more than it intends to a harmful degree.


that’s not really what i meant. the people arguing with you aren’t saying that this exploit adheres to the spirit of the game or the TOS, they’re saying that that spirit doesn’t matter, that blizzard is obligated to allow 100% of the things that are mechanically permitted by the game’s code

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Everyone should get 1 leave per 3 days. In case of dc imo.

Of course this still could be abused if player just waits 3 days between each que. Would be a really long climb though lol.

While I think they should have fixed it earlier. I agree with you.

You didn’t lock the cookies in the vault mom, it’s your fault I ate 24 cookies today.

they can cry about that all they want, but blizzard has historically punished things like this and it’s reasonable to expect they’ll continue to do so.

by their standards, anyone found exploiting this leaver “strat” should also be DQ’d for the season.


I mean, people aren’t circumventing the penalty, it’s just that the penalty isn’t very severe.


ban the repeated leavers. they deserve it more than ever.


i still want people that leave too much to be sent to do torghast or horrific visions before even being allowed to play the rest of the game


Stacking, account-wide penalties can fix that.

Again, though, the big thing is distributing rating in the event of a leaver and then having the penalty be such that one never feels compelled to consider leaving because it could be advantageous in terms of cr and/or mmr.

Tactically leaving matches shouldn’t be a thing, although I guess if they have a lesser penalty if you haven’t’ dodged in a while it could be, but rating still needs to go out for rounds that’ve been played.

yea buddy and blizzard was wrong then too