Bans being issued for SS leavers

It’s honestly disgusting reading all you selfish people QQ’n about leavers.

Have you considered maybe if they fixed RSS so that’ its not 97% Spriest/DH/DK/Fury/WW/ASSA/ Prevoker

That then maybe people wouldn’t leave?

Have you considered maybe if they made it less toxic for healers who get all the BLAME, Gimped mana, Gimped healing, becoming more and more useless very quickly [dampening] (getting all the blame) That people wouldn’t AFK?

Have you considered that maybe if there was some PVP tuning to bring down the aforementioned specs that dominate RSS, toned down the dampening some and balanced healers then maybe people wouldn’t AFK?

While I get no one wants “SLOW” games, it’s anxiety inducing garbage for healers who literally get rating differently than DPS with far more stress.

Not to mention how toxic it is for casters (Excluding ele/spriest) who actually have to “CAST” with and deal with the endless micro cc/s interrupts/stuns/spell pushback, etc.

RSS is a great idea, but the current implementation is garbage. SO if blizzard is banning people for getting frustrated with a a toxic environment (blizzard created) that causes anger/anxiety then they should look at themselves.

Imagine creating an environment that makes your user base unhappy/toxic, then punishing them for it how /Cringe

i made so much gold with them they were my favourite

For sure. There’s multiple things to fix. Most pressing is definitely points for matches won when there is a leaver. That part really sucks and ruins engagement after waiting a long time for a queue.

The other (which is this is true is happening) is penalizing exploitation of the system.

I notice that there’s a report option for “deranking” - does mmr manipulation (dropping cr but keeping higher mmr) meet the criteria for that?

This is a solid idea in terms of torture.

Mine was simply having an account wide debuff stuck on all of your toons that showed you’re a leaver for a week or something (and stacks for how many times you’ve done it, and refreshes). Might be a little harsh towards those that legit DC though

People aren’t spam leaving because it sucks.

They are spam leaving to conserve mmr since that doesn’t drop while you lose cr. That’s what people are upset about. Manipulation of the mmr system by leaving matches you can’t “win”.

If it weren’t a dead button then there would’ve been a lot of drama over certain people having their accounts bricked. People should be able to report at the end of match screen, though, and/or after leaving the arena.

Having to click people just ain’t it.

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yes ty that’s the point…

I liked both of those!!

That and you also don’t know who leaves.

I’d just never seen that button before. Only ever use report for people afk in bgs :joy:

Do you genuinely believe any of this or are you just trying to troll and be contrarian?

Leavers on 5/6 should face massive CR/MMR penalties. Repeated leavers should face account closure or character reset.

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blizzard that is

Yes the players sucking it up and taking the losses are the selfish ones. Not the player leaving when they are losing to prevent their own MMR from dropping while denying the other players a win they earned. The leavers are the selfish players here.

Plenty of us are not even playing the classes you listed. We are dealing with them as well, then we manage to get a 4-5 win shuffle against the OP specs we have a leaver…

This sounds all fine and dandy, but until we see the system I think its no good.

You get placed with the weak link 3 times in a row, it happens, you go 0-3, then you get to vs the weak link, you’re now 1-3 and the weak link leaves, your rating gets dumpstered even though you were going to go 3-3

not allowing people to leave is the way, if its an emergency where they still have enough time to turn off their computer they can just alt+f4, extend the time in shuffle before u get booted if your offline to cover the game

You cant spam leave though…1st leave is a 15min deserter, and it doubles everytime you leave. If you leave 4 times that’s like 6 hours of deserter.

Pretty sure this is troll but I’ll bite.

It could be perfectly balanced and 95% of the leavers would still do the same thing. It could be exact mirror matches in terms of classes every SS and it would still happen at likely the same rate.

Balance is the excuse, not the reason leavers are the way they are.

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True. They’d have to find some way to manage the round that didn’t get played.

I don’t know the solution, just that getting 0 anything after a long queue and 4-5 rounds sucks.

I don’t know what they were thinking with this. I’ve seen players using this to harass other players. I don’t know if Blizzard actually cares but that’s what I’ve seen.

Most of the leavers were healers due to queue times, so we’ll probably have even less of them now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, easy solution. Just report the guy who wins 2 games or less and let blizz sort them out.

If your 0/6 it’s pretty obvious what your doing.