Bans being issued for SS leavers

Multiple reports of people who have been continuously leaving Solo Shuffles getting banned for 10 days.

Well done Blizzard.


If we can confirm this to be true I will rejoice


Please be true




Paging level 10 Tauren monk bragging about supposedly leaving regularly to maintain high mmr to 2400.

*supposedly since dude never shows a main and when asked links snutz and supatease thinking he’s hilarious while also using the arena forums as a livejournal-esque blog.


Sounds like BS, the leave button is still there and it’s not against any ToS, there’s no grounds for a “ban” of any kind lmao.


They could make the argument it’s gameplay sabotage at the very least.


I encountered some win-trading prot paladins yesterday. One of the only times I’ve reported players in over a decade of WoW.

I hope they got banned too.

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Incorrect, leaving hurts other players experience, making it against the code of conduct you signed.

Leavers are breaking a contract, Blizzard has the right to suspend or even permanently remove their access at any point without question.


I’m sure people got banned, won’t stop a lot of people from doing it though.

Usually the ones getting banned brag about it, make toxic messages instead of silently doing it so no one knows who did it to report them.

It’s not incorrect at all lol, there is literally a “leave game” button right there every match. Blizzard cannot prove your intent to grief unless you explicitly state it and it’s screen shotted/reported.

Otherwise at this time it’s just “clever use of game mechanics” as blizz likes to say.

I’m not for leaving at all but to say it’s a bannable offense is just stupid.


people have the right to leave the game if they are being harassed


This post is overblown.

Saul is a very good player, high rated and usually people in his bracket are toxic degens. I’ve seen streams where people at his mmr will whisper the person they want to grief after leaving the shuffle, i’m sure this happens at low CR too but people care about this type of stuff more at higher CR as it’s a tighter knit group of people and it’s easier to report.

People who leave habitually don’t say a word. You can’t prove someone left, and you have no way of knowing why they left either.

The OP probably encountered a toxic leaver who outed himself and got caught up.

If you’re gonna leave, just do it silently :dracthyr_shrug:

Gameplay sabotage, easily.

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If you are getting verbally harassed in the waiting rooms between matches then you know what I’d give you a pass on that. But reality is, this almost never happens. People will specifically say nothing in hopes you don’t leave.

If you consider harassment getting tunneled and gunned down every match. That is simply playing the game.


correct, and thats why i almost never leave


I watched your stream last night, and saw you pumping. I watched that lame NE DH get plowed and insta-leave on his second loss like a coward. Anyways, was awesome watching an enhance duking it out with three hero classes and winning. Well done, and sorry that dude took away some rating from you.

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True, but if you leave multiple times like that, it’s a pattern of being the abuser.

Leave when you’re up, leave after 1 round, not a problem, leave every game when it’s round 6 and you’re losing. That’s a deal breaker.

Punishment should reflect this;

  1. Leave or drop, take a 15 minute break
  2. Leave or drop again in the same 24 hour period, take a 4 hour break from any PVP except Warmode
  3. Leave or drop again in the same 72 hour period, take a week break from any PVP except Warmode
  4. Repeat offend the next week, season ban for all PvP activity except Warmode

you are not a law and order character
blizzard can enforce their tos however they want at all times. unsubscribe if you dislike it


Neither are you and making assumptions based on your feels isn’t gonna make you right, but by the letter of ToS, I am right. So if you need an emotional support blanket or a safe space about it, I understand.