Bans being issued for SS leavers

My brother in Christ, expansion betas = alphas and then we are actively in the beta on live play testing seasons 1-2 (sometimes 3) until we’re playing the real game in pre-release for next expansion. This is the way it’s been for a while now.

My bruh in Allah, solo shuffle was in the live game even before beta came out what even were they testing when they added it as a brawl and kept it there for the better part of a year? lol


Considering right now disconnects would be grouped into this… no.

Last night a priest mind controlled me and I disconnected. Thankfully, I got back in before the next round or it would have counted as me leaving. This is a known bug that’s been around for ages. There are other bugs like it. DHs can disconnect when they fel rush.

They just need to fix the incentive first.


you’re actually so dumb if you think this

good job

People are banned for AFKing bgs correct? This should be no different.

Not the same, the BG ban is because they are getting rewards while not playing the game where as SS leavers do get “punished” for it and no rewards

/afking out of BGs and taking the deserter is not bannable.

I bet if you queue and literally afk in starting area of solo shuffle, you can probably get banned for that because you are getting rewards for not playing the game.

so it’s not just a wave, 2 more people i know received 2 week bans this afternoon

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Dont need to lie lmao

Ya, sorry if I said ban at any point and it was taken as banned from the game.

If one drives and speeds, tickets first, eventually license removal. Incarceration? If you cause a death ya, but just for speeding, no that’s not right.

Leaving games a lot, more than once a day, dozen times in a week, should result in a loss of participation in instanced PvP activities. Warmode should be the only PvP option allowed for these people.

Or perhaps a penalty to their MMR/CR, I don’t really understand this valuation yet so can’t really offer an idea how that would work. I kind of don’t want to know, not knowing is why I’m not really angry about leavers beyond the general dislike for unfair play that most people exhibit.

you shakin?

you spam checkin ur email?

not good…


Don’t make me expose saul now…

If you kicked over a bunch of trash cans in an alley it would look like this thread.


Who here is the homeless man asking for crack and/or soup?


maybe they should just ya know… calculate rating based per round?

thats on them tbh

should been in since day 1, thats like pre-alpha test stuff u catch

but tbh its mind boggling to watch them ban people(if true) over a very solvable problem they created


they load this gun and fire it into the company foot at least once per 6 months for the last 15 years straight


Sorry but your salty feelings doesn’t make you right. You wanna group cry together?

More likely that they were suspended due to exploiting it for a rating increase. Common trend from people I know they’re all relatively high in RSS and got the suspension. Usually this is done in waves, and it seems like today was a wave. Got quite a few messages from people.

Also could be social contract violations. Saying something mean in BG chat can get you suspended for a week now. Flaming someone in RSS and 1-3 people flagging you a few times can trigger the automated system. After the silences come suspensions, and I’ve seen up to permeant account closure.

I’ve yet to seen screen shots of emails from suspended parties that indicate leaving SS was the cause of a suspension.

This sounds like bait.

Like I get that the suits probably forced the devs to push the game out early,

but still man, accounting for leavers seems pretty fundamental thing that should be included on launch.