Banned for using "cheating software", but I multibox without the use of any software

Oh boy. I will also point out, Blizzard policies tend to be across the board across all games. If they don’t allow it in WoW, don’t try it in another game.

Not likely as that is totally outside the game and does not interact with the game instances. You are not mirroring commands.

Regardless, Blizz is not going to tell you which program was hit. The people who make cheat software would love that info so Blizz does not provide it.

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I did not even have the intention of multiboxing Diablo Immortal. In fact, I am not planning to play the game at all. I did it simply to help someone on the ISBoxer Discord server who asked if the latest build of ISBoxer supported the game. So I installed ISBoxer on my new laptop, installed the game and tested it to see if the software did support the game. To be honest, I also wanted to see what the game looked like. I played it maybe for an hour, just regular gameplay, no multiboxing. If this is what really got me permabanned, I am incredibly sad right now.

All you can do is wait on an appeal. The forums won’t do anything for your case because there are no GMs here and players cannot give you specifics on anything because we don’t have access to them. At the most, a moderator may look over your account and inform you of certain findings. Players can only inform you of publicly available policies.

It doesn’t matter at all. Now, I have no idea if breaking Diablo’s rules would affect WoW because I don’t know how licenses work across games, but if you broke the rules you broke the rules, and the prohibition of multioboxing software has been around for a LONG time now. If someone asked you:

You should have told them that it wasn’t allowed in the first place.

That would be unfathomably unfortunate. Just wait on your appeal. You can appeal until the GMs tell you to stop, but if the actions are upheld to that point, that’s the end of it.


None of us have any way to know exactly what got your account permanently closed. Blizzard is not going to share details either.

I appreciate you are calm and trying to rationally think this through. That is a pretty natural reaction.

Just realize the only option is the appeals at this point.

Oh, and if you are part of communities that use software Blizz does not allow - maybe discourage people from having it on their computers at all if they play Blizzard games. There was just a huge banwave for Diablo 2 Resurrected for using a maphack program that revealed the map and such. Anyone restarting a new account needs to make sure it is not on the PC at all.

EDIT - no, cheating in DI or D2R does not get you banned in WoW. BUT if you have software on the PC and play WoW, it can then get the WoW licenses in hot water even if that was not the original intent.


Thank you for the reply. You are right. I have submitted an appeal 2 hours ago and explained the situation to the best of my ability. All I can do is wait now. I will report here what happened once I get a reply. This is a complex case that involves multiple WoW licenses and multiple accounts, so it could take a while I guess.

It can, yes. It is also ok to submit another appeal if the first gets denied and you feel they were incorrect. You can do that up until they tell you more appeals will get your account actioned.


So if they refuse to unban my accounts and tell me that further replies will be ignored, I can submit another appeal?

Once they will you no more appeals your done. Doing more will only end up possibly getting your entire battlenet banned.

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No. Once the GMs give you the cold shoulder, that’s the end of it. Any more tickets on the matter and they can close the account you’re making the tickets on as well.


But Mirasol was stating that you can keep appealing until they threaten to action your account?

Correct, that’s what I said. I meant “no” as in no you cannot keep appealing if they warn you against it.


I believe the others have covered this fairly well so I’ll just add a bit here.

No. That isn’t how it works when it comes to botting/exploitation investigations. Mass reports only result in an investigation being launched, how many people may have reported you has no impact on an outcome.

It happens. Sometimes the investigation only includes some involved characters/accounts and may not include all.

They will likely need to escalate your particular case up for further review, which means they may close your current ticket telling you that. If so, they’ll contact you when they receive word back to let you know the results.


But I have always been multiboxing with the same 10 licenses, and in the game they are always in the same parties and the same raid together. So how on Earth can the investigation have concluded that only 7 licenses were involved in the use of a cheating software? If they had only banned the licenses on my main account, then I would understand. But that’s not the case. They banned 4 of the 6 accounts I use on my main account, and then some licenses, but not all, which are on separate accounts. I can’t wrap my mind around what may have led to this decision.

You are assuming they examined those licenses and found them not to be. It’s more than likely they simply weren’t included in the investigation.

In either case, if an error was made a review should be able to verify that. They’ll let you know.


Okay I understand. Thank you. Is there a callback option available for a case like this? I feel like there is a lot of information involved in my case, and I am having trouble stating everything that I want to say by typing it in the ticket text box. I would feel more comfortable talking to someone by voice, regardless of the final outcome of the case.

No. we do not do appeals over the phone or live chat. Any appeal is based on the data that we have, not anything that you’d be able to provide.


But it involves multiple accounts, one of which unfortunately does not have a verified email address. I have stated in my ticket the email address of each account (other than my main one, from which I submitted the appeal) that had licenses suspended, but how are they going to know that these other account licenses are actually mine?

They should all be registered under your real name and address, even if the email addresses are different.


I’m not sure what you mean. You have your name on the accounts, that is fairly easy to see.


The real-life name is slightly different on my other accounts. The only things that my accounts have in common are the payment method and shipping address. From that information, will the Blizzard employees who look at my ticket be able to confirm that I’m indeed the owner of all the accounts mentioned in the ticket?