Bald man protests against bots

Lag and server instability ruins the fun for most players.

you’re literally so blinded by your hatred of a streamer that you can’t even recognize the actual topic and issue at hand here: rampant, unchecked mass botting operations going ignored by blizzard, despite countless reports.


So you’re worried about ‘lag and instability’ from actual players sitting in a circle kneeling in a bfa zone, but not about ‘lag and instability’ from 40+ bots salting the earth with mass aoe spam on the same small path for hours, days on end?

listen to yourself, bud.

  1. Be a GM.
  2. Ban every bot that pops up in Nazmir
  3. They keep coming back.
  4. Every ban = a repurchase a the base game + sub + character boost
  5. Repeat and make the company more money than it takes to employ the GM banning bots.

What you and Asmonbold do not understand, that Blizzard bans bots in waves. Because they want to catch not just bots (goldfarming drones) but also accounts which are used to transfer gold and, ironically, accounts of regular players who buys gold. =)

A person who want to argue logically would.

And you have been pointed out the contrary. If you can’t hold up a discussion, refrain from posting in a highly controversial thread and refrain further from claiming that YOU can’t argue logic with other people. :man_shrugging:

Furthermore, mass flagging a post of mine for “trolling” with your alt accounts? hahaha very mature from someone who claims to “argue logic” and claiming that such things as breking the TOS and punishment xDD.

A few days ago. I reported a bunch of moonkin bots. That is the first time
I have seen so many in one place. They were not causing lag or anything
like that. They were keeping real players from doing the quests in the

I’ll repeat it again. The “bots” in question may have been lagging the shard but not as bad as Asmongold inviting his followers into a mass party and having everyone be in the same area. He just made it a lot worse by having a protest party in the same area. Why can’t he just report and move on? What’s a protest party going to do besides add more lag and instability? Blizzard does not care and won’t drop everything to look into every incident Asmongold brings up.

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It was a regulard raid group who were not casting spells.

No, he didn’t.

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again, if you had watched the video, you would recognize that this is simply untrue. players kneeling in a circle, vs 40+ bots perpetually in combat spamming aoe spells on the same small predetermined path for days? this isnt rocket science here.

your argument is incredibly disingenuous, and once again, you’ve lost all sense of perspective and common sense out of pure blind hate for the streamer who posted it.

Bots lagging servers is suddenly not a problem because the communal idiot Asmongold said it was.

Sometimes I don’t understand people. You all seethe so much at someone you will put up with an actual problem because the village idiot even acknowledges it is?


whispers Shhhhhh, he will just mass report your posts with his alt characters while acting all high and mighty claiming asmongold breaking tos and deserving punishment.

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which interestingly, in and of itself will get you a vacation from the forums.

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I firmly disagree with you. It’s pretty obvious more players in any area = more resources needed.

Exactly, I followed through the conversations, all claims, irrational responses, no source or evidence. Just ignore those kiddos

so actual players shouldnt be allowed to be in an area in any significant number because a band of 40+ bots are already there 24/7?

Again, your arguments are completely lacking in common sense.

Only if each and everyone of them is casting, questing, dueling, etc etc; which they are not.

He is just trolling, but it is amusing nonehteless. I’m curious to see what his final “argument” will be hahaha

Yes, that’s how hate works :slight_smile: