Bald man protests against bots

So i heard about how bots were getting worse, but i didnt noticed, maybe cause of the server im from, but after watching this? Blizzard wth are you doing?

How is this even allowed to happen?, seriously just do the right thing and dont allow Multiboxing at all.

Just like Asmon says, these bots cause a lot of harm, they lag the server, screw up the AH, the Tokens, questing zones, etc.

Just get rid of them, its stupid that this keep happening.


Yeah, that picture doesn’t do one thing to convince me to visit the link. I think I’ll just let the opportunity pass me by, thanks.


Its not exaggerated btw, there was actually even more bots than the ones shown in the picture


I’m not a huge fan of any of the WoW streamers, but they clearly have weight as demonstrated by all of the times problems were suddenly solved when a notable streamer made noise, so I hope the streamers just keep raking the coals until Blizz implements more permanent solutions.


Oh now hes concerned about lag because it’s on his main server? Did he actually mention lag?

Where was his concern when he decided to lag MG out with his band of followers?


It’s ironic that he protests against bots considering he looks like a Runescape bot himself.


Not really going to watch that, but Blizz has a hardline stance against bots and multiboxing software now. Just report them. If they’re guilty they’ll be banned in no time and Blizz will even message you saying if they did take action.

Bots are a never ending war, it’s been a constant thing forever. All they can do is keep fighting it.

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WTF are you talking about? He always makes fun of Blizzard for their garbage servers. They are actually terrible.

They aren’t even hardware based servers anymore, they’re amazon hosted virtual machines running on cloud.


with all those billions they probably have the means to detect “bot-like” behavior and then investigate.

dunno why it aint happening - maybe theres profit to be lost or something. sad.


The easiest first step they can take is to remove hyperspawns.


Gotta get that gold accrued and stored before everyone gets their Covid check.

He even made fun of how the Store loads instantly while the Support takes quite a while.


“lag MG out”

If Blizzards servers can’t handle people logging into their game then that’s Blizzards fault and not Asmongolds.

You’re mad at the wrong person. :slight_smile:


It’s really not rocket science, unless bot devs manage to create generalized AI that has capabilities on par with those of autonomous driving programs, bots will always exhibit a variety of behaviors that act as tells. There will be some false positives, but the number of those will shrink as detection is refined.


He decided to do a Project (whatever level) run before Classic came out, jumping on the bandwagon. Invited his followers to make toons with him and level. Picked an RP server to avoid sharding. Fine, whatever. Decided to pick a high pop server (because of the luls I guess) instead of being responsible and picking a low pop RP server.


also encouraged his followers to troll and harass RP’ers


Seems reasonable to me. Wasn’t the original purpose of hyperspawning to help address demand for quest mobs? If that’s the case, put hyerspawns on quest mobs only and remove all vendorable loot from them so farming them for hours on end nets nothing. Mobs that drop things could have hyperspawns disabled entirely.


Wow people seriously dislike Asmon uh?

Already got flagged


The fact Blizzard doesn’t care for our hard working players that actually play the game is enough to make me want to cancel my subscription.

We got cheaters wanting to cheat and it is ruining all of us hard working players who invest in time and effort in what we get only to have cheater ruining it for everyone.

NOT ONE game master showed up to stop the Bots… Not ONE.



Where to start ?

He is PROMITING report system abuse
He is PROMOTING bug exploits and URGES fllowers (aka sheeps) to use any exploit they find
He ONLY against bots when he is not botting him self
He promoted griving and urged his followers to spam a random person with insults.

The list is going on. I’m honestly surprised that while breaking every single point of ToS he’s never banned.