Bald man protests against bots

This forum is unusually negative when it comes to streamers. No idea why.


Can you post the video in question? Saying “I saw a video” does not constitute evidence.

And what about the other points? Are you going to ignore them and claim that YOU can’t argue logic?

Let’s be real, its very easy to tell if something is a bot. Easy tells if a player is actually a bot:

  • Boomkin surrounded by other boomkins in a low populated area in the game

  • Location has hyperspawning mobs

  • Frequently mounts up on a mammoth to vendor its loot (mammoth because its the cheapest vendor mount to get for a new account)

  • Skins everything that it kills

  • Aggros every killable thing within range without moving

  • OR follows a perfect line path, aggroing everything within the path

  • Absolutely inhuman targeting/target switching speeds

  • Does not react to other players attacking it

  • Does not respond to emotes/whispers

  • Never sleeps.

Let’s not pretend that we’re stupid and identifying a bot takes a computer science degree.

This discussion is getting rather long though and I have had my fill at getting my point across. Need to spend time playing the game after falling off the wagon in the 3rd week on my old main.

It’s called tough love and this game needs it :slight_smile:

Can’t remember which video it was but it was him just cursing and being rather childish. Safe to say I quit after 5 minutes into the video. What other points? I already told you what I think. Take it or leave it. :tipping_hand_man:

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They’re free to act that way, but the it is disingenuous to bring up events that did not happen and trying to spin the story toward their way. Also rather pathetic how those people try to handwave opposition by claiming said complaints originated from said streamer.

I and the rest of us are our own person. We can freely associate with whom we want while also representing ourselves.

Or maybe you didn’t see any such video of his :sweat_smile:

Nah dude they could just be having a Boomkin party running in circles for days straight out of their minds on crack !!


I think the games in great shape, not perfect but great. from my understand, this streamer gets views because he’s negative all the time. I guess that’s what people like to watch. Not me. I’ll stick in my bubble of positivity.

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That’s great you put out some known factors of botting. It still doesn’t prove anything. Until Blizzard looks into the situation, it’s innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

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This is why we can never truly eradicate racism: everyone judge others by the cover of a book

He is a “just chatting” streamer with buttons.

I’m not going to sit here and quote every comment you made with a response. Look above for my tl;dr responses. Asmongold did a bad. Should be punished. Shouldn’t promote server instability. Should have reported and moved on.

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Oh yeah? Tell me again how that’s Blizzard’s policy when they implemented an auto-silence penalty on players that get mass reported. LOL


Firing GMs that would be able to nip this kind of thing in the bud. I’m oversimplifying as one tends to on the general forums, but… I wonder if there were a dedicated GM per realm just looking for suspicious behavior if we’d be getting clusters of druids spamming everything everywhere.

Makes sense that Blizzard would do something like that. It can be abused but that’s the cost of automation. It doesn’t mean it’s permanent and can’t be appealed. Enough reports on anyone should trigger a response.

I’ve said it before.

  1. Be a GM.
  2. Camp the tar pits area in Nazmir.
  3. Camp the Tahonta spawn point in maldraxxus.
  4. Ban any player that comes into the vicinity that remotely looks like a bot.
  5. Win.

What ‘fun’ was ruined here by mass-reporting a 40+ strong bot train in a zone from a past expansion pack?

Wouldn’t matter

If their software detection doesn’t work then they’d have to use whatever manual tools they have. They will never, as much as players want them to, look and say “yep, botting”